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"Analyse The Impact Of Globalisation In Either A Country Or A Region Of Your Choice." I Chose London, England.

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ABSTRACTChoosing a country to focus this question on was difficult and, having examined Less Economically Developed Economics within the first essay, I decided to focus on a Western Country and the impact of globalisation on an already very industrialised civilisation. It was difficult to decide between looking at the impact of globalisation on London or New York especially with the current climate in the USA after September 11th. Although New York is currently very relevant on a global level, when I narrowed my research I discovered that London stood out as a focal point in its own right.Within this essay I hope to examine the positive and negative impact of globalisation on a city most of the world has heard of and respects. I hope to come to some further conclusion on a definition of globalisation. I hope to give the reader an historical insight into the growth of London in fields such as; population, culture, economic and social.INTRODUCTION AND HISTORIAL PERSPECTIVE LONDON?The history of England is emphatically the history of progress?Lord Macaulay made this statement in the 1840?s and it was never as true as when applied to its capital, London today. London clearly has been a ?victim? to progress in every sense of the word. This progress has been ?renamed? by some the last ten years as globalisation but we must remember that London has been a centre of new thoughts, ideas, technology and political thought since its naming, Londinium in 43 AD.It is difficult to analyse the impact of globalisation on London because it has been a global city since the Tudor era. Elizabeth I put London on the global map when she sent ships across the world in search of new lands for the yet unestablished British Empire. Although this was a similar practice across Europe, with people believing in Mercantilism, it was a time of racing to claim as many potential colonies as possible to increase the home nation's wealth and essentially Britain won this challenge.The British Empire grew to encompass every continent and by the end of the 19th Century the it was so great that it comprised nearly a quarter of the land surface of the world and included more than a quarter of the world?s population. De-colonisation came about gradually but steadily over the first half of the 20th Century as waves of democracy came across the world but sped up after World War Two. The Empires of the world and their subsequent downfall as nationalism came into popular thinking has had world-wide ramifications that helped the speed and depth of world trade and led to an ?English speaking? hegemony.?How world history is periodized is central to the kinds of conclusions which are deduced from any historical analysis, most especially? about contemporary globalisation?. Held (1999) . This is true and depending on how one periodizes London?s history can influence the analysis of it, i.e.; the entire post war era, post 1970?s or the 20th Century in general or longue duree . One must examine...

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