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Analyse The Strategic Solution And Global Crisis Turn Opportunity

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1.1.1 Introduction:

This investigation is focused on the Strategic solution of two companies, i.e. Vale and Lukoil from Brazil and Russia respectively from BRIC countries, which will give us a fair picture of their multi-functional operation within the country and around the world. The study will cover all the key areas of their operation where the management implemented the decisive solution. For instance, planting a new business process in the company will show as supporting evidence to the investigation. In addition, the inquiry will behold the true figures of the company’s progress and practical development in business during the ten-year period which justifies the systematic approach of strategic solution which is executed in different areas of these companies.

1.1.2 Strategic Analysis , on Vale and Lukoil
Vale is one of the largest global mining companies. The company is present in 13 Brazilian states and in 32 countries, in five continents. The company was formerly known as Companhia Vale do Rio Doce (CRVD) and changed its name to Vale S.A. in May 2009. The Company is a world leader in iron ore and pellets production and commercialization, besides this Vale own the largest nickel reservoirs. The Company is also dominates in the production of Aluminium, alumina, bauxite, coal, copper, kaolin, potassium, manganese and ferroligas concentrate. They started to diversify into areas like aluminium production, as well as wood, pulp and steel assets. The Vale was found as Vale do Rio Doce by Brazil Government in 1942 focusing on countries Iron ore production and export for the same. It became (and remain) world’s largest exporter in 1976.

The key Success of Vale is the maximization of production, diversification, and Merging with other companies to increase capacity of production during the investigation. In May 6, 1997, Brazilian Federal Government Vale turns into Private by selling of company’s stock for 3.14 Billion. But investigating more about Company Vale in Privatization and how to establish a Strategic Plan towards emission.

Companhia Vale do Rio Doce (CRVD)-Privatization

The decision to privatize Vale caused much controversy and some politicians opposed the privatization that led it to publicly traded company both in the Bolsa de Valores de São Paulo (BOVESPA) and the NYSE (through American Depositary Receipt - ADR). In the late 1960’s the world economy was entering a phase of rapid expansion. The demand for steel and, consequently, iron ore were expected to increase substantially over the next decade. In particular, Japan was undergoing a process of industrialization that ultimately led the country to become an economic superpower. As such, The Japanese viewed CRVD as one of the partners they needed to sustain their strong expansion. The establishment of a National Privatisation Council was created as a replacement for the Ruling Commission and the privatisation of state-owned companies acting on the industrial segment has been...

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