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Analyse The Strategic Solutions That Two Companies Operating From Bric Countries, For Example, China Or Brazil, Have Made In The Last 5 10 Years

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BRIC countries are continuously emerging and holding onto a lot of money with large population. With all the factors have shown drastic economic growth not only presence but also considered as being the future leader of global economy Khanna and Wilson (2005). (SAIIA, 2011) Later in the essay to analysis the company’s major issues and actions accordance with companies key strategies on the basis of products and services, key strategic solutions over last five to ten years. The objective of the research is to gain an understanding how firm’s strategy impact the economy’s growth and key success factors that companies have explored as well as to discover how the companies have implemented solutions accordance with company’s key strategies.

1.2Telemar Norte Leste S.A (Oi)


Telema performs under the brand name Oi, as a leading Brazilian telecommunications corporation that reflected as the largest operator in Brazil and second largest in Latin America. It was created in 1998 by sixteen state-owned incumbent local exchange carriers. (Cyclopaedia,n.d.)

Products and services

1.3key strategic solution

First, the company strive to focus on convergence and this represents an advantage for Telamar not only to gain royalty from clients but also to higher average revenue per user. (Oi,n.d.) For instance, Since Oi Company has united brands and service, they confronted challenges to integrate different to reflect the adoption of the newly singular brand name, Oi. However, they came up with a solution by providing a simple, efficient single site to combine in one all of the products and services of the Telemar Group. (Mppinteractiva,n.d.)
Second, The company pursues to expand of the subscriber base as well as improvement in broadband service because it is related to an essential growth driver and is fundamental for the industry‘s future. Telemar has invested constantly in expanding its broadband networks, developing new technologies, which efficiently increases the offering of faster Internet access speeds. (oi,n.d.)
To illustrate, Oi acquired Brazil Telecom for $3.5 billion. The move stems as many vendors, such as Tellabs, are observing Latin America as a property of prospect for new equipment contracts(Fierce telecom, 2008).

Third, The Company provides higher operational efficiency for internal processes to improve service quality. Also, they optimize the allocation of resources to progress the quality of the services as reminder of clients is the priority of the company. (Oi,n.d.)To enhance great quality of services, company has the sustainability programs which aware to offer a better quality of life for...

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