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Analyse The Whole I T Configuration Of A Big Company

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1. Introduction

In today’s competitive market the firms are bound to reduce their costs and also maximize their profits. The only solution to achieve this objective is the usage of the Computer Systems, which are far more than computational and text processing tools.
With their rapid expansion, and certainly via the Networks people can exchange and also sharing a variety of information, regardless of how far they are each other. The introduction of a new technology into a work environment has effectively increased the firm’s investment and also its productivity. Computers are not truly capable of intelligence and independent problem solving, but they become, as they are programmable from the human workers. Nevertheless, the new technology does not necessarily need to replace the workers in a workplace, but to help them to increase their productivity.
Despite of these technological advantages, the Information Technology creates a gap between the rich people and poor, as the habitation of a computer system in our days, requires certain skills and money to spent.
The company that it was selected for further analysis, as it concerns the current Information Technology configuration, is the P.P.C of Greece.

2. Description of the current configuration of P.P.C

2.1 The Mainframe

In the early 1950s , the mid size and large companies were using the mainframes, which they occupy entire rooms for their existence. They are large and powerful computers and also very expensive. A professional staff is needed for the operation of those systems and also some special environmental conditions must be carefully set, such temperature and humidity in order that such a machine will functioning properly.
Since 1990, the P.P.C’s Computer Center has one IBM’s mainframe R42 – 9672, with 512MB Real Memory and it is consisted of four processors with total speed 72,8Mips each. All these processors are connected, via 20 Escon technology parallel channels. There are also three large ranges RAMAC –RAID5, with 152 (DASDY) volumes in total, where each of them has a 1,89GB capacity. So the total capacity is 287.28GB. The current protocol that it is used is the Standard Network Architecture, with local controllers IBM-3174 and its duty is to set up certain rules for formatting and regulating the speed of the data, that they are transmitted via EDP (Electronic Data Processing) and its 170 branches that are exist, all around the Greece.
For backup purposes, the P.P.C uses a Tape Library Data Server, that has 2375 slots and 12 tape drives, with total capacity 800MB each. The backup procedure is vital for every company and for every individual who utilize the Computers.
There are 3000 active terminals and 1000 remote printers, all around Greece, connected to this mainframe, via dedicated lines and modems. The current Operating System for this mainframe is the MVS 5.2.1, which has been configured from IBM with certain...


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