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Analysing An Advert Essay

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Analysing an Advert

The first thing my eye is drawn to in the Fujifilm advertisement is
the girl. The fact that she is staring out at you with her blue eyes,
red lipstick and bright coloured clothes draw my eye to her. Her stare
portrays her as being confident and direct. Her facial expression
implies that she is pleased and knowing as if we are with her on the
joke and it shows that she is in control.

She is a pretty girl that seems sophisticated and smart from the way
she glows with radiance. She looks as though she cares for herself in
a way every woman should.

She is wearing a bright orange top with a printed picture of a cartoon
girl. The girl on the top is shown as sporty and the large number next
to her is also very athletic which is what a stereotypical man would
wear. The cartoon character also has a cheeky grin on her face which
is like the smug look on the girl in the advertisements face. She is
also wearing a pair of blue sporty trousers. They are rolled to just
below her knees which implies a comfortable feel. She is sitting on a
luxurious fluffy sofa in a confident pose with her finger in a
lavishing gold box of chocolates. She also seems rather flirtatious
with us which is inviting to the audience.

The second thing that my eye is drawn to is the naked man in the
Pinafore and the Marigolds in the background. He is not looking at us
to get our attention but at the girl to try and get hers, although she
is dismissive of him which then makes us ignore him too. He also seems
smart and sophisticated like the girl, although the beard makes him
look rough. His mouth is open implying that he is talking and can make
him look desperate and shut out from the way in which he is placed in
the advertisement. A pinafore is usually worn with a dress by women of
an older age for household chores, but this man is wearing it on its
own and doing the washing up. This is shown as to be sexually related
and a joke due to part of his bottom being revealed and also makes the
man seem vulnerable.

These two people are a young sexy couple that are aspirational and are
people that the audience could imagine knowing. They are white, middle
class and fairly affluent. They are young and fashionable but also
stereotypical of other people. However I feel that the girl should be
in the kitchen where she belongs but was plucked on to the sumptuous
sofa with the luxurious cushions and box of chocolates which therefore
implies that Fujifilm is accessible to all.

The third thing that my eye is drawn to is the visual text. The
Fujifilm logo consists of white writing and a green background in a
box which is dominant. It is rather retro in a post modern way. It is
positioned in a sexually suggested place. However the slogan is in
white which doesn't stand out that much except for the word...

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