Analysing An Advertisement For Joint Care

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I am analysing an advertisement for joint care. Joint care advertisers try to draw your attention to the product they want to sell. They are using images and text to try and persuade people to buy their product.The advertisement has a very big cartoon image on the page (taking up more then half the page) with two yellow circular shapes meeting in the middle. The image also has three human figures spaced out around the page. The human figures are all in black to make them stand out in the background. All three human figures are jumping about in joy and middle woman figure is doing aerobics. This shows that the “Joint Care” product has done this miracle and because of this product these humans can jump about and have fun once more. The middle woman figure is doing aerobics. People that do aerobics all have very good and free joints. So in other words after you take this product you will also have extremely good joints. Then it has another old woman figure in front of the middle one dancing, this is suggesting that the product is so fantastic that it will even get an old woman dancing on her feet even if she is wearing stilettos as well!The red and yellow colours of the background and the human figures in black really catches the readers eyes and makes him want to read it.The advertisement also have a photo of the product at the bottom right hand corner of the page. This is there for the reason that is any one wanted to buy it they would know what the product looks like.At the bottom quarter of the page there is a text about the product. The text uses very persuasive language. For example it uses words like: healthy, advanced, supple and breakthrough, to get the attention of the reader and persuade him/her to buy the product. The word “everybody” is used at the start of the text to show that it is talking about everybody.The phrase, “Everybody...

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