Analysing And Opininons On The Poem "The Road Not Taken" By Robert Frost

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Everyone, throughout the course of their lives come across life altering decisions. Sometimes when faced with these decisions we are unsure of what to choose or what we are choosing between and the choice can be harder than the action itself. We must choose the path we feel is right for us. Our choices must be based on our own instincts. We cannot simply follow others' paths but rather must pave our own. Most importantly once we have finished that vital process of choosing we must remember there may not be a correct path, only the chosen path and the other path. And because of this we should not have any regrets about the path not taken but rather enjoy the path we have taken.In the poem "The Road Not Taken", Robert Frost depicts the importance of making the right choices in life and not regretting them later. The poem tells the story of a man travelling on a road in a wood when he comes upon a fork in the road, and even though he would like to travel both roads, he knows "he could not travel both and be one traveler". He contemplates where each road will take him. While one road is well trodden and safe, the other road is grassy and has not yet gone through the rigours of time and thus, he says, "had the better claim". The traveller takes the less trodden, keeping the first road for another day. But he realizes that because "way leads on to way" he probably may not have a chance to go back on his choice. He knows one choice leads to another and the world moves far too fast for one to look back. Later on, in the final stanza, when he imagines himself recounting his tale, "somewhere ages and ages hence" he sees himself telling his story with "a sigh". Telling how he chose one road over the other "and that has made all the difference". And as human nature often forces one to have regrets and invision the way things would have been had we done something differently, he begins to wonder where the other road would have led him. But ofcourse it is far too late for him to return and the least he could do is be content with the road he has taken.We all must make choices one way or another. To choose which path you want to take may be a difficult choice. You can either take one that everyone else has taken, or choose one that few have dared to venture. Many people just take the easier one, perhaps its just human nature, to be afraid of what we do not know. By taking the easy, no-surprises path, you will be guaranteed that nothing out of the ordinary will happen to you. Taking the mysterious path may cause you to deal with unexpected circumstances but with this, brings experience and knowledge. When a person chooses his own way, a different way than most and a way of life he is not expected to take the road will be bumpy, it will need smoothing down and figuring out. Life will be tougher, and more unanticipated problems may occur but when a person goes out and paves a path of his own and overcomes challenges that have not already been dealt with for him,...

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