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Analysing The Differences Betwen The Written And Spoken News

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Analysing the differences between the written and the spoken news There are two forms of news available; written and spoken news. The are many similarities and differences between them. The written news is most commonly found in the form of a newspaper but can also be found in magazines, newsletters and other such items. Spoken news is generally found on the television. The are programmes devoted to news such as the 6 o'clock news but there are also other programmes which include news as part of the broadcast such as the Big Breakfast.Although there are other forms of written news besides newspapers that is what this essay is based on. The layout of a newspaper is very important. The articles and stories are designed to catch the eye of the reader with their appearance. The articles are written in order of importance with the most important stories featuring on the front cover with less important stories nearer the middle. The sports section is always on the back pages so that the reader always knows where it is and can just flip the newspaper over if they are interested.There are two different types of newspaper; tabloid and broadsheet newspapers. There are a few large differences between them. The first, most obvious one is the size difference. The broadsheet newspaper is almost twice the size of a tabloid newspaper. Other differences between broadsheet and tabloid newspapers are the quality and the stories the newspapers include. Tabloids are of a lesser quality than broadsheets. Tabloids include more human interest and popular stories like crime, gossip, sex and scandal stories. Broadsheet newspapers concentrate on foreign affairs and business stories.Usually tabloid newspapers contain large, colour photographs with few words where broadsheets usually contain more wordy, complicated articles. There are tabloids with a more serious reputation than the others. The Daily Mail and The Express are two examples of this. They contain both light-hearted and more serious issues.Newspapers have headlines which try to sum up the idea of the story in a sentence. There are different types of headlines which use different styles. Some headlines contain alliteration, some include a pun - usually only found in tabloids "“and some only have one word. Newspapers have photographs which they use to illustrate the stories. Newspaper articles often include interviews and quotes.The spoken news exists In other forms than just news broadcasts but we looked mainly at news broadcasts. The spoken news has the ability to communicate the news with sound and video. The beginning of a news broadcast has a short distinguishable tune which tells any television viewer know that it is the news....

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