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This is aimed at people who buy there milk from the CO-OP informing them about the increase of the price of milk. This was written on the 30th of October 1994 a good 9 years ago when milk delivery was going out of fashion. Today not half has many people get there milk delivered compared to the sixties, maybe this letter is a ploy to try and promote the milk delivery industry, and because of the downfall in business this has caused an increase on the price.This is informative and persuasive writing which will hopefully for the CO-OP increase there sales, filled with explanation sentences all over the letter which are explaining the price rise of milk and the reasons for the rise in the CO-OP. The sentence structure is simple and compound.This is a letter which is meant to be read like the reality milkman who delivers the milk has actually written it. When in theory this will have been sent all around the country because the CO-OP is a national company or it could well be a multinational company, and the same milkman can't deliver milk to everyone because different milkmen deliver to different regions. So the reality milkman couldn't have sent it. With personal pronouns like "I", "you" and "we" this makes the letter sound even more personal and self written by the milkman.We can let it is a letter because of the format of it (paragraphs, greeting, farewell etc), but it hasn't got any addresses on it, which make you wonder but it was properly delivered as a leaflet in a form of a letter with the milk one morning. It is addressed by the greeting "Dear Valued Customer" and ends with the farewell "YOUR FRIENDLY CO-OP MILKMAN" I think this is in bold because it emphasises 4 important factors about this letter "YOUR" which means the milkman has committed himself to you. "FRIENDLY" this shows that the milkman will show the customer respect and that he will always be polite and good mannered. "CO-OP" because it represents the company the milkman works for and last but not least "MILKMAN" because this is the person carrying out these "friendly CO-Op" services to the...

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