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Analysing Of Two Textbooks Essay

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A further useful point is made by Razmjoo and Kazempourfard (2012, pp 180-181), is the usefulness of a coding scheme for each area, which they utilised for conducting an evaluation of two books within their study. Thus, as each area within the books was considered, a code was assigned which identified the parameter within which the particular aspect of teaching could be positions. Thus, exercises or materials that focus on remembering within the four knowledge areas are respectively assigned A1, A2, A3 and A4. The exercises that focus on understanding within the four knowledge areas would be assigned B1, B2, B3 and B4 etc.
Soleimani and Ghaderi (2013, p. 42) suggest that textbooks have come to be seen as extremely important in the teaching of English, taking on a status that almost goes beyond their practical use. This importance placed on them as a central part of the teaching and learning arena is despite the fact that, for some authors at least, they should be criticised and have a number of disadvantages as well as some advantages. It is also despite the fact that there is competition from “the development of new technologies that allow for higher quality teacher-generated materials.” The criticisms include the fact that many text books are undoubtedly culturally as well as socially biased and, importantly, do not allow students to be a part of the process which designs curricula. By definition, furthermore, they assume to know the needs of every student on every course that is using the textbook when the reality is that this is an impossible task. On the other hand, if the teacher regards the book highly and has a good understanding of its underlying aims with regard to students, in other words is felt by the teacher to be aligned with his or her approach to teaching, a text book can be seen as a starting point from which to explore with the students. Furthermore, while it may not always follow the requirements for as specific course, and may be seen as being outdated if it does, a textbook will probably be seen as a necessity by at least some students – a fall back for revision or even as a supplement that can be used to fill in gaps that they may have missed or may not fully have understood.
Whether a teacher is on one side of this argument or not, the likelihood is that a text book will be necessary and therefore the evaluation of any that may be used will be important. This importance swells considerably if the teacher believes that text books should be central to any course. For this reason, Soleimani and Ghaderi (2013, p. 44) contend that a textbook evaluation is a key task that should be undertaken by teachers but the question that is posed is what the best approach to evaluation is? They note the two stage model proposed by McDonough (2003), as has been discussed within this paper as well as the notion of coding in order that the evaluation is appropriately systematic. Indeed, Soleimani and Ghaderi (2013) add to this the notion of a...

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