The Difference In Values In Turkey, Costa Rica And The United States For Effective Marketing

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From the Americas to the Middle East, every country’s culture has begun and evolved in different ways. Due to globalization, the differences are getting fewer and fewer, but the values upheld by the US, Costa Rica and Turkey remain distinct, affecting the behavior of consumers in the global marketplace.
The internal values of each country are what begin the distinctions from the consumers. The Costa Rican culture values being religiously pious, polite and respectful (World Trade Press, 2010). They have a Roman Catholic heritage as they were colonized by Spain. However, unlike most other Latin American countries colonized, Costa Rica does not have many natural resources to exploit (Wherry, 2007). Thus, during their colonization, they were given a lot of autonomy, and not kept under a strict rule. Therefore Costa Ricans celebrate their Spanish influences instead of denouncing them like their neighboring countries. These values influence the average consumer into buying items from companies that are respectful and do not encourage a tone of disrespect. This is in direct contrast to the United States, where the average consumer celebrates being their own person and going against society’s wishes. Turkey values modesty, friendliness and hospitality (World Trade Press, 2010). The family is the root of all social, emotional and financial bonding in Turkey. Any company that values family will have a good start in Turkey. There is religious freedom in both countries; however those religious values are embedded in the culture.
Children are highly celebrated in both of these countries. In Turkey, pregnant women are given the best care possible, kept away from work and negative influences and showered with gifts. There is a preference towards boys in Turkey, as women are confined to a secondary status, so mothers avoid hot, bitter or non-vegetarian foods while pregnant because that is believed to cause the birth of a girl. This would be important to note if one is in the food industry, as advertising spicy foods to new mothers would be taken badly. Costa Rica values both male and female children equally. Turkey is ritualistic towards new births; new mothers and children must stay within the house for forty days after the birth to safeguard against disease, wear charms to ward off evil spirits, and have sharp tools or brooms placed near them. Thus, denouncing superstition or charms would be detrimental to a company’s reputation in Turkey. Male children in Turkey learn to be proud, courageous, and confident with their elders, whom they must avoid speaking unnecessarily to. Female children learn to be submissive, flexible and skilled in household activities. Turkish culture defines a woman’s status by how many sons she has, instead of her education or accomplishments, so the mother must train her daughter for these tasks. A company should capitalize on advertising their products to men in a confident way in Turkey, so that the product would adhere to the...

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