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Analysis #4

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A Civil Action:
1. Money isn’t always the primary focus.
2. Put in full effort.
3. Dumping hazardous materials in water leads to danger.

Satisfaction and happiness for a majority of people is gained by money. In the 1998 film A Civil Action, Anne Anderson wanted an apology from someone that had been involved in the dumping in the river. Because of companies dumping toxic materials into the water, Anne’s son became severely ill and resulted in his life ending shortly. Anne originally called Jan to make this desired apology happen. Except Jan didn’t understand that getting an apology will settle for what she and many other families have lost. Instead he attempts to bribe them with money on ...view middle of the document...

Him and his colleagues have already gave up their homes, cars, everything in their bank accounts and much more just to stay attatched. It was a struggle for them all but with the amount of determination and dedication they had in themselves they were able to best Jerome. Without the full amount of effort from each and every one of them, they wouldn’t have been able to pull of what they did. They wouldn’t have been able to make the factories be forced into stopping the dumping of toxic materials into the water to make the water clean again.
As seen in A Civil Action, hazardous materials were being dumped into the river from the leather factory. After years of doing so the water became so dangerous that children came down with illnesses, especially the son of Anne Anderson, who died of Leukemia due to the toxic water. However the river had much more than bacteria and other illness causing microbes. From all of the oil being dumped into the water it became highly flammable. The scene in this movie where the teenage boys were shooting...

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