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The word research emanates from the French word researcher meaning to search. The Merriam –Webster dictionary defines research as ‘studious inquiry or examination or investigation or experimentation aimed at the discovery and experimentation aimed at the discovery and interpretation of facts or revision of accepted theories. It further defines it as’ a careful study for the purpose of discovering and explaining newly found knowledge. Also, some people view it as a movement from known to unknown. It is described as a continuous voyage of discovery, these is where inquisitiveness of a person to probe and attain fuller understanding of unknown forms to the main impetus.
In his publication’ there is no hope for perfect research, Griffiths argues that it is not possible to have perfect search. I totally agree with his line of thought due to various factors that have been observed over the years. The main goal for doing research is to find out the concealed truth that has not been discovered yet. By doing research, it clearly explains that the work done is not perfect thus researching takes place.
First and foremost, several researches’ that had been done in the past and taken to be the gospel truth for many years have been disapproved by new research that has been conducted in the recent past. Research is a process that never ends (Griffiths, 1998, p97). It is a continuous process that evolves in a way that a person uses conclusions to explain some concepts while another researcher uses the same conclusions to conclude a new concept. A Good example has been the case of Pluto. Since its discovery in 1930 by Tombaugh, Pluto had been considered as the smallest planet in the solar system. This was until august 2006 when International Astronomical Union deprived it of this title following a new research. While announcing these new research findings, The International Astronomical Union said that ‘Pluto would no longer be considered a planet due to new rules that said planets must clear the neighborhoods around there orbits. This announcement had rendered a long held belief absolutely obsolete.
In some cases, there are evidences that proved the results of certain research wrong. If the research work was...

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