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Analysis And Description Of Olive Oil

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There are a myriad of choices when choosing an olive oil and they all have different qualities, tastes, and scents. In recent years, some olive oil manufacturers have been misrepresenting or, possibly, adulterating the product they are selling. In order for the consumer to be protected from these potentials and receive the product they are purchasing, agencies and councils have been created to test, certify, and monitor the olive oil industry for truth in advertising.
I am curious as to what makes one olive oil better than another. When I go to the grocery store, there are innumerous possibilities to choose from. There are domestic and International choices. There are different grades. There are different certifications. I saw, online, there was a research done by UC Davis on the qualities and properties of olive oil. I want to know the history of this fruit, the nutritional qualities, and grading of this oil. I will look into the culinary uses and limitations. I will also research what legislation and governing bodies there are to monitor the qualities of olive oil.
I simply adore olive oil. I have for as long as I can remember. I love the whole shebang involving this fruit: the touch, the consistency, the flavor, the bouquet, the hue, the assortment, the allure – oh the potential. Growing up in a Jewish American family of eastern European heritage cured foods have always been a part of our spreads, olives and olive oil are no exception. Olives have always fascinated me. I can remember placing canned whole black olives on each of my fingers, pretending they were fingernails, eating them one by one, and being in utter delight the entire time. I also recollect about my families predominant use of olive oil in our homes. Albeit we are not from Italian decent we did not use butter as frequently as olive oil...

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