Research And Analysis On Gender Inequality

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Gender Inequality in today's society, people are more and more trying to achieve more, higher positions on the work place, to double income, to enroll to the schools. It is all about competition in today's society, all about better living standards with new technologies, new treats for diseases, yet we still have such issue as gender inequality. Theories of socialization and personality development are not enough to account for gender differences. For one thing, they underestimate how much behavior can vary over time and in different situations.

Literature Review

In Hale's (1993) research of the topic Gender Inequality, he found out that many times, the organizational culture and climate foster workplace inequalities and these inequalities are maintained by group pressure (, 1999). Informal networks within the agency help to maintain inequality because women and minorities are traditional employed in lower status jobs and not allowed into the networks. These jobs limit their access to powerful employees (McGuire, 2000). These informal networks tend to be personal, voluntary and have their own boundaries. "You don't join the network because you want too; you join because you are allowed too" (McGuire, 2000, p. 1). Many times the organization does not even realize that there are inequalities in their agency because they have always done it that way. People tend to get set in their ways and operate on auto-pilot and never see their weaknesses.

According to Kimmel (nd) work plays an important role in helping individuals find their true identity as well as helping one builds their self-esteem. However, in the past women were not encouraged to work "real jobs", instead they often stayed at home and are often labeled as house wives. The truth is women do work, they always have worked, but the work that they do are often unpaid labor work. Before men assumed that women didn't really want to work; they didn't need the money; and that they have different interest. (Kimmel, nd) So it was assumes that women either couldn't do a job, or, if they could, they would neither want to nor need to do it. Now in the twenty-first century things have changed dramatically, more women are educated, and more determine to search for their identity and in order for them to do that, they seek out for work. Women participation in the labor force has grown such an extend that society can no longer ignore and view women as unimportant. "The role of women in the workplace has been expanding steadily in recent years in most countries.

Hale, (1999) in researching the issue Society and Personal Influences , he said, what we are taught as children in regards to roles of females and males overflow into the workplace "Gender is a culture unto itself, raised with basic rules of conduct "instinctively" known to all adult members of that gender (Heim, 1995, p. 3). The managers of today grew up in families where their mothers stayed at home and kept house...

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