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This research assignment is on Australia’s maritime border security and how it will continue to

weaken if they continue to be so lax with monitoring what goes into and out of Australia. Due to

unauthorized ships going into Australia and the latest two people getting charged with importing

illegal firearms into Australia. Australia’s security was put into question about how equipped

they are in the case of a terrorist attack, Although Australia’s maritime border security is getting

help from Australian Customs, and the Australian Defence Force (ADF) with any security threats

in the Australian waters. Operation Absolute is the government’s way of protecting

Australia’s borders and offshore maritime goods and services. There have been a lot of threats

with people crossing over the Australian maritime borders with ships; for example with illegal

imports and exports, robbery, human trafficking, illegal activity in protected areas and so on an

so forth. There was an article on two unauthorized ships going into Australia that had people

aboard. there was reportedly two ships that got past the maritime border the first ship went to

Geraldton, W.A, and the second ship showed up near a Santos rig off Dampier.

By June 30, 2012 there were about 60 900 people who were in Australia illegally, if they

didn’t have their visas or they breach their visa conditions then they would get penalized. With

the illegal immigration there brings forth illegal workers who may be subject to exploitation and

organised criminal activity. What happened with the two people charged with importing illegal

firearms is that they tried to illegally import firearms using a computer hard drive sent from

America. There has also been a lot of cases of illegal foreign fishing happening in Australia, all

of the illegal fishing going on there has cut down the food chain of other fishes and has had a

chain reaction, and the overfishing upsets the ecosystems balance. There have also been cases of

illegal smuggling of wildlife. Due to these situations Australia’s maritime security has been put

into question. Australia is seen as somewhat of a destination country for human trafficking; the

people who are trafficked are usually from Eastern Europe, Thailand, East Asia, South East

Asia, India etc. There is no specific number or estimate on how much people who have been

smuggled; a lot of the times the girls are smuggled or trafficked for prostitution. Australian

Authorities think that the people who usually smuggle or traffic people are usually individual

operators or small crime groups that usually seek help from larger organized crime groups that

help them get documents that would otherwise have been hard for them to get. The fact that a lot

of these things can get through Australia’s maritime borders shows how lax they’ve been. But

they do have a lot border security like for example the Border Protection Command (BPC) what

they are...

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