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Analysis Of The Film "Speed", Through Looking At Story Vs. Plot, Range Of Narration, Depth Of Narration, And Narrative Structure. Including Bibliography.

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Question:Discuss two or more of the following issues: story vs. plot, range of narration, depth of narration, and narrative structure. In addition, pay attention to the film's stylistic choices, and how they relate to formal strategies in the narrative and narration.The film "Speed", starring Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock is classed as a film where narrative plays a very large role in delivering the viewer with a broader understanding of the story or plot of the film. Narrative meaning a "chain of events in cause-effect relationship occurring in time and space" (Bordwell and Thompson, 2005).What the above statement merely translates to is a word were all very familiar with namely, story. The narrative of a film typically begins "with one situation, a series of changes then occurs according to a pattern of cause and effect; finally, a new situation arises that brings about the end of the narrative." (Bordwell and Thompson, 2005).Within this film it is clear that the styles of narration used by the screenwriter's are classic Hollywood narrative styles, which is when there is a "strong central protagonist and neatly resolved climax" (Bordwell and Thompson, 2005). Another way of proving that this is a classic narrated Hollywood film is by looking at what Bordwell (2005), states as the action revolving around a central character that by the end of the film fulfills his/her goal. By looking at all of the above, the point argued in this essay is clear that this film is a typical Hollywood narrated film, even though there are some techniques used by the screenwriters and directors that lean towards the way non Hollywood films are narrated.While analyzing Speed it was clear that the first scene of the movie was a key point for later understanding of the narrative, when the "bomber" kills the security guard while he is preparing his attack. In classic Hollywood films we find that most films possess unrestricted narration, which is when the viewers know more than the actual characters do about a certain issue or situation (Bordwell and Thompson, 2005).Even though in Speed we have a more restricted sense of narration; this is when information is kept from either the character or the viewer to create a more suspenseful and guessing atmosphere, it still uses mainly unrestricted narration. Another method used to accomplish suspense and guessing atmosphere, are intense nondiegetic sound as well as a lot of camera movement in tense scenes.There are a lot of scenes where the viewer knows more than the character for a certain period of time, for example, the scenes in Speed where the viewer is informed that the bomber is in the same building as the other characters, as well as the scene where Jack's partner, Harry, dies in the bombing. These are all unrestricted knowledge, which according to Bordwell (2005), is when the "viewer knows more than the characters".While analyzing the range of narration it was clear that Speed and other films could not be entirely...

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