Analysis Of The Branding Strategy Of Nanda Home

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The essay intends to first analyze the branding strategy of Nanda Home. Focusing on the failure in sustaining the appeal of its flagship product Clocky, and later give branding recommendations to Nanda Home and one of its product, Tocky in a new market, United Arab Emirates (UAE). The analysis and the recommendations will be based on the application of two branding goals of image and function.
Clocky’s deficiency in branding can be ascribed to the insufficient image building and the unfavorable function emphasis. The company tried to bring a cool, functional and high-end brand image to Clocky, however, it chose some inappropriate marketing channels like the Home Shopping Network. In the short term, it may help increase the sales, but it risks associating Clocky with other low-quality products and impairs Clocky as an enduring brand. The counterfeiting problem also deteriorates Clocky’s image through the safety problems and questionable quality. Besides, Nanda Home lacks media awareness. It didn’t utilize the media madness to penetrate the market and quickly introduce other products to promote Nanda Home’s brand. In contrast, iRobot, another home appliance company, launched the next version Scooba only 3 years after the fad of Roomba, successfully enhancing its brand image. Nanda home needs to concern more about its long-term image through avoidance of image damage and subjective image building.
On the other hand, the company may have laid an unfavorable function emphasis. Nanda ranked ‘fun’ as the primary characteristic prior to ‘functionality’. In the advertisement (Nanda Home, 2011), the fun function is promoted throughout the video by a romantic story, while it only mentions the functionality through the video name ‘Get out of bed’. However, the core strength of Clocky is its technology of running in random direction and function of waking people up effectively. The M.I.T. background provides reliability to the product while the physical design only receives polarized response. Nanda Home is suggested to reverse its priority on function branding, and regard the wake-up functionality as the primary feature.
Despite the company’s current failure in sustaining Clocky’s appeal, there remain chances to brand itself in the UAE market. The primary consumer base could be the wealthy, tech-savvy urban citizen, especially in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. According to the demographic data, 85% of the population of UAE is urban (Euromonitor, 2014c), and 53.6% of them live in Dubai and Abu Dhabi (“Population in Emirates”, 2012). Therefore, these two cities will serve as the base of the following recommendations regarding image and function branding.

Nanda home could promote a whimsical and ultramodern brand image with high-end technology in the UAE market, consistent with Dubai’s city image of innovative, entertaining and miracles (Mohammed, 2010).

The brand image should be whimsical according to the market situation. Residents in UAE begin to...

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