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Analysis/Criticism Of Black Milk, A Play Based On Contemporary Russia, It Was Performed In Chicago.A Full Understanding Will Be Achieved After Viewing The Play.

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Yvonne ValenciaJanuary 2, 2004Mrs. AmbrosiaI attended a play called Black Milk, originally written in the Russian language by Vassili Sigarev, the play was translated into English by Sasha Dugdale and directed by Lupa Lopatina. It is based on contemporary Russia and focuses on the cruelty of life which is portrayed through poverty of small towns and riches acquired in these towns through questionably legal methods. The play was presented at the Athenaeum Theatre (located on 2936 Southport) on Friday January 2nd of 2004 at 8:00. Tickets for the play cost 20$ each and the show lasted 90 minutes. This play caught my attention since I knew very little about modern Russia and the reviews seemed to label the play as an accurate representation of how Russia is today. What finalized my decision was a picture of a boy on a type block who had an expression of sadness on his face yet, somehow through his eyes, he was able to convey a sense of hope. It reminded me of advertising posters that one sees for movies while passing Blockbuster. After choosing this play I was slightly nervous as to what I should wear since I had imagined that the Athenaeum Theatre would be an edifice with highly admirable architecture. For me this meant a possibility of casual dress being looked down upon (despite these worries I wore casual clothes) and I did not want to draw attention to myself. I had also expected for it to be a large, one room theatre, with comfortable seats but it turns out my expectations were not met. The theatres' entrance was being reconstructed and the inside of the building looked slightly old and dusty. The theater has several small rooms that could contain about a maximum of 65 people with chairs that could slide backwards for further comfort(but these chairs look old and were uncomfortably for anyone who was overweight). In spite of some unmet expectations I did not feel disappointed or cheated by this new experience. After I had taken a seat with my father I immediately noticed that it would be a one scene play (the scene to be shown to the audience was a train station). I had the luck of chatting with the gentleman who sat next to me and had been born in Russia. He took the time out to explain to me the meanings of signs that had been written in the Russian language such as Kacca (change the c to an s to pronounce it properly) which means box office. He also made it very clear that the director was highly talented to pay attention to details typical of a Russian train station. For example, there was a stove,wood and walls that were partially whitewashed (walls in Russian train stations are not painted completely, just enough to decorate it but it looks pretty shabby to me). The play had very few special effects however, the few that they did have were done well. For example, I knew the train was passing by due to the lights shown by the doorway and sounds made. I thought the acting was superb since by the end of the play I started to hate Lyovchik...

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