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Research Critique Of New Graduates' Perceptions Of Clinical Practice

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Research Critique of New Graduates' Perceptions of Clinical Practice

The article involved in this research critique focuses on the "stresses and challenges experienced by graduate nurses in clinical practice during their initial orientation period and examines the relationship of social support to these stresses" (Oermann, 1997). The critiquing of this article will address the purpose of the article, the design of the research, the presentation of the findings in the study and the significance of this research to the nursing profession. Also, the researcher's approach to the study and the potential benefits of this study to nursing will be focused on as well.
The purpose of this article is clearly articulated in first two paragraphs. First, the researcher uses examples of past studies that focus on the stressful aspects of clinical experiences but stated that no studies had really focused on the initial clinical experience. The researcher applies the topic of research to the nursing profession in stating that "excessive and unrelieved stress may influence job satisfaction and contribute to turnover" (Oermann, 1997). There is a definite and clearly stated focus for the research, and it is clear that the research can be carried out as well as be reported. However, the problem statement does not indicate what the researcher hopes to accomplish with the study.
The methodology and research design, are both well defined and effectively convey the details of the research. When stating the sample of the study, the researcher is detailed and descriptive of the types of people used. The number of volunteers, their locations, their area of clinical practice, time worked as a nurse, gender, and type of degree earned all are stated in the article. This allows readers to get a definitive idea of what the sample is like, which is very important in this study. Since the focus is on the volunteers' experiences in the new clinical setting, it is essential to have significant information on them. The researcher was very thorough in reporting the types of instruments used in the study, which include a demographic data sheet, a social support instrument, and a modified Pagana Clinical Stress Questionnaire. Each of the three instruments are well defined and described. It is evident that the researcher has tested each instrument and is familiar with it. Also the researcher describes how the instruments were distributed to the volunteers via a contact person at each hospital, which gives the...

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