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Analysis Essay Of The Film "Falling Down"

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The film Falling Down is about a man named Bill that loses control of his anger and frustration when confronted with typical everyday stress. He has reached his breaking point and loses his cool as well as his sense of self. The movie demonstrates examples of both cultural and social issues. Cultural issues explored by this movie are the existence of subcultures and countercultures in city life. The movie takes place in Los Angeles, California that is largely populated by Mexicans and Oriental migrants. The protagonist, played by Michael Douglas, encounters and oriental man that owns a local mini mart and two Mexican gang members. The oriental man represents the subculture and the gang ...view middle of the document...

The oriental man tells him he must make a purchase in order to get change. He opts to buy a coca-cola. The oriental man tells him the coke will cost him $0.85. Bill is very disturbed because this will not give him enough change to make the phone call. He feels cheated because a foreigner is overcharging him to buy American goods. At the end of the scene, he has his first outburst and damages many of the goods and products and then buys the soda at a reasonable price. This scene also illustrates the main characters current social role as a consumer. The next meeting is with the Mexican gang members who threaten him in the name of territory. They look and communicate differently not only because they are Hispanic, but because they have their own internal communication system within the gang members. He uses the wooden bat that he took from the mini mart to physically defend himself against the gang members. The scene contains his second outburst.The film takes place in a city much like Miami. The mood in the metropolitan city is very busy, fast-paced, defensive, and stressed. The...

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