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Analysis Of The Movie Willow

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Analysis of the Movie Willow

She was born with
the mark on her arm, the mark of the one who would cause
the downfall of queen Bavmorda and end her evil rain. The
legend told her that the prophecy was the queens grates fear
and now it was about to some true. Willow Ufgood had
always wanted to be a magician. to be wise and respected in
his community. His dreams were about to become true. All
of these things you will read in my report. The main charters
of this book are Willow ufgood- a nelwyn that wishes to be
a magician that will soon come true. Madmartigan- a master
swordsman and womanizer who is drawn into this prophecy.
Shorsha- daughter of queen Bavmorda that falls in love.
General Kail- a evil man at the top of Bavmords army
Queen Bavmorda- Destroyer of Tersline that is searching for
a child that can destroy her The book starts of at Nockmar
castle. A child is born in the dongon with a mark. The same
mark Bavmord is looking for. One of Bavmords servants
smulgs the child out of the castle and miles away to a creek
bed. She is being tracked by dethdogs so she bundles up
and sends the child down the stream in a basket. She is
killed by the death dogs but wile the child is floating down
the stream. The child traveled down the stream until it a
nelwyn village. Two children “willows children” found her
and brought her to Willow. Willow didn't want anything to
do with her and wanted to send her back down the stream
but Willows wife “Kya” wouldn't let him. The next day
Willow and his children went to the carnival in town. Kya
stave with the child. Willow was going to see if he could win
a apprentice contest to become a apprentice to the High
Aldwin. He messes up and and doesn't make it then the a
dethdog races through the village and attacks a cradle.
Vonhkar kills it with the help of of his worriers. Then the
town held a meeting to finger out why the dethdog attacked
the cradle. Willow afraid that his wife was killed by the
dethdog before it got to town he ran home to see if she was
all right. His wife told him to take the child to the High
Aldwin. He goes and talks to the High Aldwin at the town
meeting. The High Aldwin tells him if he loves this child that
he must take the child to the dikine crossroads and give it to
the first Dikine he sees. The High Aldwin sends burglecut
along sense he doesn't want to go along and Vonhkar to
protect them. Befor they go the High Aldwin asks Willow
why didn't he think for him self at the carnival after willows
magic show. All the apprentices that wanted to be the High
Aldwins apprentice witch finger held all the power. Willow
guessed wrong at the carnival but the High Aldwin asked
him what was his first answer Willow told him his own which
was correct. Then the High Aldwin sad that if he came back
alive that he might become his apprentice next year. They
traveled on there jurnayand one night Vonhkar told Willow
of his quest for Tersline. He never found it but...

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