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Analysis Of The Opening Sequences Of Three James Bond Films

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Analysis of the Opening Sequences of Three James Bond Films

Analyse the opening sequences of three James Bond films and explain
why they are constructed in this way.

James Bond has been running for forty years and has released twenty
movies. My essay will analyse the following three James Bond movies:

· Dr No (Starring Sean Connery, first Bond movie made)

· A view to kill (Roger Moore)

· Golden Eye (Pierce Brosnan)

For each of these movies I will analyse the opening scenes and explain
why they are constructed in the manner that they are.

In each of the three movies a different actor plays the Character of
James Bond. In the first move (Dr No) James Bond is played by Sean
Connery, in the second movie (A view to Kill) James Bond is played by
Roger Moore, and in the third movie (Golden Eye) James Bond in played
by Pierce Brosnan.

Dr No was the first ever James Bond movie made. It was filmed in
Kingston Jamaica and was the first feature in a long line of great
Bond sequels.

In the opening sequence of Dr No, white dots flash across the screen
and James Bond (Sean Connery) is seen walking in a tuxedo and suddenly
shooting a barrel of a gun directly at the screen. As the James Bond
theme tune plays a bloody red colour washes down the screen.

The opening sequence described above is shown at the start of every
James Bond movie. It is the opening James Bond title shot that the
majority of the audience is familiar with.

The aim of the opening sequence of the James Bond movies is to put
across to the audience, the genre of the movie they are watching
(action/adventure/espionage). The opening sequence also tells every
James Bond fan, that it is a genuine James Bond film. This is because
it features in all of his movies.

After the gun barrel scene the movie goes to the opening credits. In
the background of the credits there are flashing images in a wide
range of colours of women dancing to a calypso beat. The dancing women
in the background are there to entice the male audience.

After the credits another calypso beat (3 blind mice) plays and the
scene changes to three blind men walking down a street in Jamaica.
This may represent that the movie is a spy film i.e. James Bond is
hidden from the people he is spying on. The calypso beat might also
just be stating that the three blind men are the three blind mice, or
just putting the point that the three men are blind across to the

After the scene of the men walking down the street an unidentified man
is seen being shot and loaded in to a white van by three blind men.
This scene is ironic as the three blind mice calypso misleads the
audience to think that the three men are blind, when in fact they are
not. The three blind men are killers in disguise.

The three men after killing the man (Dr...

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