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Analysis Of The Representation Of Women In Magazines

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Analysis of the Representation of Women in Magazines

In this essay, I am going to analyse how girls and women are
represented in a range of magazines. Depending on the target
audience, the contents of the magazine differs. This essay will look
and describe the differences between the magazines and why they are
there. The age groups and magazines I will be examining are; teenage
with the magazine ‘Sneak,’ twenty something's with the magazine
‘Glamour,’ and middle aged with the magazine ‘Women’s Own.’ I will
give a general overview of each target audience and what is

I will begin with ‘Sneak’ and the target audience of teenagers.
Although aimed at teenagers, many eight and nine year olds read it as
it makes them feel older. It focuses mainly upon young music-related
celebrities. On the attached cover, (see figure 1,) it has a picture
of Britney and Usher. Britney is the ideological women, and this
passes subliminal messages to the reader that they must aspire to a
size 10 female who always wears make-up. This could be very
dangerous, as young girls could feel they have to conform to an
‘hourglass’ body shape which could lead to anorexia or bulimia. Usher
is many female teenagers fantasy. This could make girls think that if
men aren’t a replica of Usher then they aren’t good enough. Teenage
magazines also include; style and fashion tips, celebrity gossip, real
life stories, dating problems, boy pin-ups, quizzes, beauty care
adverts and star signs. Many teenagers feel pressured into keeping up
with the latest fashion ideas and season colours, but this can be very
expensive. This can cause problems between family members if parents
do not have enough money to keep buying fashionable clothes and

‘Glamour’ is aimed mainly at late teens to late twenties. When
flicking through the magazine, I noticed that there was more text and
adverts. This reflects how the age-group has more time and disposable
income. Also, ‘Glamour’ was the most expensive magazine, being £1.90
and included a website, (see figure 2,) which again indicates a higher
disposable income and extra time. The front cover yet again includes
an hourglass shaped celebrity, but she is older, although she still
conforms to the dominant ideology for a young female. The magazine
includes the latest fashion and make-up styles, but on a much larger
scale when compared to ‘Sneak.’ “MASSIVE FASHION SPECIAL: 1322 HOT
NEW LOOKS.” It again includes problem pages, but the problems are
mainly on lifestyle or sex, instead of dating. ‘Glamour’ also
advertises to the stereotypical women using its front page with the
advert; “20% off...

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