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Analysis: James G. Clawson´S A Leader’s Guide To Why People Behave The Way They Do

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In James G. Clawson case study A Leader’s Guide To Why People Behave The Way They Do we learned how the mentality of leaders is deeply influenced by their parents. One of the key things to take away from Clawson article is how parents can potentially have a lasting effect in the outlooks of a child that can affect them later on in life as adults. As babies are born they are born without any type perceptions created on their own, instead their perceptions and impressions are things that children pick up along the way from their parents. This in return can cause most adults to interpret situations differently from one another.
Clawson mentions how for leaders in order resolve a type of conflict, they must be able to understand the core values or “VABEs” (Values, Assumptions, Believes, and Expectations) of the people in conflict. For instance if a person is angry we can assume that something has been done wrong that conflicts with their core values and as leaders we must ...view middle of the document...

Most of Clawson’s research relates well to what we have been learning from Michael Hitt book Management. For instance in Hitt’s book we learn about Abraham Maslow’s Needs theory part of the Motivation Theories Applicable to Work. In Maslow’s Needs theory we learn about five essential needs that motivate people to work which are: physiological needs, safety, belongingness, esteem, and most importantly self-actualizations. According to Maslow’s Theory “an individual is motivated to satisfy the most basic needs first (such as physiological needs)” (Hitt, 2012). Need is what drives and motivates people to work and try to fulfill their needs. It can be basic needs like trying to get food or accomplishing a work goal. Interestingly Maslow’s theory shows how a human can have various external factors that can affect their needs or what they consider to be needs but with Clawson’s article we see how one of the major factors that influence a person’s need is their parents because they themselves can create what Clawson calls as “holes” in a person’s personality which can later be really hard to fix because they have been so deeply imprinted on them while growing up and being raised by their parents.
As a leader and manager one of the things a person is trying to do is to motivate and convince people to go along with your plans to accomplish a goal. From Clawson we learn how in order to best motivate people and have a more efficient group working is to try to understand people better by getting to know better their core values and VABEs because as he mentions money isn’t necessarily everything for them like the example of getting a mule to move by putting a carrot in front of it. An effective manager isn’ simply bossing people around he describes them also as “descriptive observers of events around them; they SEE things.”(Clawson, 2001). From this we can also take that as parents it’s important to nurture and pay attention to children to not cause “emotional holes” or other types of holes that can affect them later in life.

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James G. Clawson 26 pages. Publication Date: August 17, 2001. Prod. #: UV4016-PDF-ENG

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