Research Methods Assignment

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Research Methods Assignment

1. The 8 steps of a psychological research.
a) Identifying the area and aim of research
- In this steps you are required to find out the area of research you will undertake and what the research will achieve.

b) Gather information
- Gather all necessary information about the area of research.

c) Identify research question and Formulate hypothesis
- Ask questions about what the research is trying to depict and form a hypothesis about what you assumptions are.

d) Design a method to test the hypothesis
- Create a method/experiment that will test if the hypothesis is either correct or incorrect.

e) Collect and analyses the idea
- Gather the result of experiments and examine the results.

f) Draw conclusion about if the result approves of the hypothesis
- Conclude and articulate whether the hypothesis was approved by the result.

g) Report result
- Report the result as a scientific research.

h) Test the conclusion
- Test this same idea using the same method in different areas (different samples).

2. Independent (IV) and Dependent variables (DV) are the two features that best differentiate between an experiment and other research methods as they test the relationship of the cause and effect.
3. See last page for Glossary*
4. The term cause-effect refers to the relationship between the IV (cause) and DV (effect). Since the DV depends the characteristics of IV, the IV can be manipulated and designed to specifically alter the value of DV to test a certain idea or hypothesis.

5. Identifying IV and DV
a. IV = receiving the reward. DV= increase of time spent by students while studying.
b. IV = people being in love. DV = more positive perception of each other.
c. IV = when telling lies. DV = change of pitch
d. IV = reaction to sound/visual stimuli DV = quicker reaction to sound

6. A hypothesis is not required in a non-experimental research since it is mainly gathering informations from preexisting data found in sources such as books, internet etc... However an experimental research requires both the hypothesis and variable manipulation since it is set out to test an idea or hypothesis via the process of a practical experiment.
7. Operationalization is the process of measuring unmeasurable ideas and qualities. E.g. people who smoke 500mg of pure marijuana before 20 minutes of a driving test will perform worse than people who are not under the influence of the substance. Here the idea of smoking marijuana is operationalized and measured by the amount go milligrams consumed. The term ‘operational hypothesis’ is sometimes used for experimental researches after an unmeasurable variable in operationalized.
8. A hypothesis in an experimental research should contain the operationalized IV and DV, and it should also state clearly the research question/s and present the both the control and experimental conditions.
9. Experimental...

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