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Analysis Methods For Franchise.Com

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We have identified different analysis methods we will be using to determine the users needs. The users being employees of Many employees have problem speaking their mind about problems and solutions, because the mainly feel someone is watching what they are saying and evaluating them either in a positive way or negatively. In this case employees will complain to co-workers or staff at the same level as they are and when asked their opinion by a superior they usually give only positive feedback. Because of this survey companies have been created to keep the identity of the employee confidential allowing them to speak freely without the fear of reproductions. Using this method of gathering data will be our main approach.After the blind surveys are completed and the results returned we will conduct departmental interviews. With the information collected from the surveys we can construct formatted questions to ask each department. The blind survey asked general questions to get a feel of the situation the questions directed to the departments will create more detail into the problems with the current work-flow. With a more detailed understanding of the problem we can move onto the next step to gather data.In this step we will follow around each process to see how the job function is laid out and what problems appear in real time to see the severity of the issue. Job shadowing allows the users to explain the issues first hand and show a real life problem instead of hypothetical problems. Experiencing the process first hand you are able to see the way the user performs a work around or solution to the problem. This knowledge can be used to redesign the work-flow process and eliminate any unneeded steps. The last part of the job shadow is it empowers the user to be part...

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