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Analysis Of 12 Angry Men

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The play 12 Angry Men is one of the greatest plays I’ve seen. I read
the novel and saw both movies but my favorite was the Broadway play we
saw as a class. The play was so alive and made me really feel like I
was in the jury. The play was about a young man on trial for the
murder of his father. The play showed how one man didn’t give up in
what he believed to be true. The play also showed a powerful leader
who fought till the end.

The play was about 12 jurors coming to the same verdict. It was
eleven to one in favor of guilty. Only one juror stood up to the
eleven because of what he believed. He felt the evidence wasn’t
strong enough against the young man to convict him of murder. However
this juror wasn’t like the rest of the jury. He stood out as a
leader. What made a good leader was the way he handed him self when
the other eleven jurors were against him. He didn’t give up until the
other jurors changed their mind about the verdict. He didn’t let any
of his emotions get out of hand. He was calm and easy going didn’t
get into any arguments with the other jurors, and he explained himself
many times without getting angry with anyone. This juror, juror
number eight, was the only one who believed the young man was
innocent. He led the other jurors to understand why all the evidence
against the young man caused him to have reasonable doubt.

Juror number eight proved all the pieces of evidence brought against
the young man led to reasonable doubt. The first point he made was
when the elderly man who lived downstairs from the young man,
testified about hearing the young man say, “I’ll kill you!” Juror
number eight said people always say things they don’t mean out of
anger. Second, the old man couldn’t have possibly heard the young man
say anything because the elevated train was passing while the murder
took place. The old man from down stairs had his window open so he
wouldn’t be able to hear what was going on upstairs as he claimed he
did. Then the man from downstairs also said the young man stabbed his
father and ran out of the house. When the old man ran after the boy
he said it took him fifteen seconds. Juror number eight thought about
comparing the difference between an older man running and a young man
running because he felt the old man was lying. So when they re-acted
the whole the found out it took thirty seconds instead of fifteen.
From then on the jury thought the old man was lying about everything
he testified about. When juror number eight pointed this out he won
some jurors over to vote not guilty. This was the beginning of the
play only about three jurors changed their mind.

The knife the father...

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