Analysis Of 2 Items That Relate To "Relationships" How It Is Depicted And The Themes Involved

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EXAMPLE ONEEmporio Armani "White" fragrance advertisement- Cosmopolitan magazine- March Issue 2003The first example I have chosen is an advertisement for "him" and "her" Emporio Armani fragrances entitled "White".The advertisement is of a man and a woman, both young and attractive around late teens or early twenties are in a position where the man is standing behind the woman with her leaning on him lightly and angling her right hip against the man slightly, against a background of "winter white" (white, but with a tinge of cream within). He is caressing her right arm or holding it gently against his lower chest while her right arm is resting at the side of his wasteline of his pants and their left hands are entwinded on top her left shoulder carelessly. She is leaning on his shoulder with her eyes closed, her head turned towards him and his head is turned in her direction and his cheek is slightly pressed against her forehead. He seems to be looking looking down into her face and may be in the middle of giving her a kiss, for his head is turned down to a small degree and his lips are pouted slightly, very close to her face. Both the man and woman have tanned olive skin tone and wearing minimal clothing with him in light cream pants and no shirt on and her in a white singlet which reveals her midriff and simple silver belly stud as well as white underwear that have thin sides, which reveal her thighs. Tucked into the right side of her underwear is the "White" fragrance for her for the top of the white, slim cylinderical shape of the fragrance top is pale transparent blue while "White" for him which is tucked into his right pants pocket has a black top. Her slightly angled right hip sets the two fragrances close together.In the centre of this scene is the title "white" with no capitals, using a white font that has a black shadow outlining and underneath in a smaller size but same font and also no capitals in black "the two fragrances." Set on the bottom of the advertisement also in white with black shadowing but in capitals is the brand "EMPORIO ARMANI" with the logo set in between the "emporio" and "armani" and beside that on the right hand corner are the two frangrances, set side by side at the same height with the small labels of "for him" and "for her" under the appropriate fragrance.The scene displayed in the advertisement is an example of a young romantic relationship. This certain text leads its viewers to believe that the use of the two fragrences will lead to having a deep, meaningful and pure relationship. This is portrayed through the joining of their hands and the use of the colour white which represents purity and cleanliness. The man and woman in the advertisement by their pose obivously have a loving romantic relationship by their pose, but also there is a hint of sexual tension as well by the way their faces are so close and the way she has her eyes closed, leaning towards him, giving herself to him. Their simplicity and scaricty...

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