Analysis Of 6 Poems On The Topic, "Hidden Messages". Contains Poems By Hughes, Mcauley, Strand, Dobson, Yeats, Williams.

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"The Bystander" - Rosemary Dobson"The Bystander" describes the significance of the insignificant characters in paintings. The speaker in the poem is that figure painted behind/beside the subjects of artworks, where he/it speaks out of its existence to us: in the form of a wing, a squire, a distant figure or part of a crowd.This insignificant character reflects upon several scenes he/it has stood in, such as the two slaughter of Innocents (i.e. the murder of infants from both Old and New Testament Bibles), and settings such as 'the Garden' (of Eden). The ignorant speaker who recalls the voice, which said "Eat", in 'the Garden', gives these certain clues to the learned reader.Dobson has placed remote rhyming in this poem, as the final words of each second and fifth line (of each stanza) are whole rhymes. These rhymes are one-syllable 'masculine', which is strong to the ear, however, the rhyming scheme is less obvious due to Dobson's choosing: a reflection to the distant "Bystander" figure who is barely there in a painting.In order to emphasise upon the separated rhymes, they lie at the end, where the reader stops to take a breath. This pattern is echoed throughout all four stanzas. There is also the occasional use of capital letters to specify particular examples, as like the "Garden".There is a constant reference to Classical Mythology such as Icarus and the slaughtered Innocents. Perhaps these scenes were mentioned to portray the Bystander's ignorance, as he/it does not describe their great significance to history and therefore only briefly points them out.To bring attention to some examples of the Bystander's forms, two lines contain alliteration, "silly soul" and "dullard dreaming". Furthermore, Dobson has used three types of imagery which all relate, "Rapt at the sky", "a bird" and "an angel's wing"."Theology" - Ted Hughes"Theology" refers to the study of God and religion, yet Ted Hughes' creation is comic. In three short stanzas, the well-known Biblical tale of Adam, Eve and the Apple is turned into a parody, or moreover, the Serpent's interpretation. It is suggested that the story of Man's banishment from the Garden of Eden is a "corruption of facts", where what really happened was "Adam ate the apple. Eve ate Adam. The serpent ate Eve", and finally the serpent remained in Paradise as he heard "God's querulous calling"."Theology" is a poem made up of three stanzas containing four simple lines without a rhyming scheme.Hughes has placed two contrasting figures, God and the Serpent, in opposite scenarios. To see this as a joke in this supposed study of God, the serpent is the centre of attention, as it is the only creature mentioned in the first line and three stanzas, while God himself is pictured as the insignificant character mentioned only at the final line."Pieta" - James McAuley"Pieta" compares a mother's loss of her child to two eminent Christian figures, Mary and Jesus. McAuley has titled his poem after the famous marble depiction of...

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