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Analysis Of A Book

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In chapter 7, Edward Lane talks about the lower orders of society. He says that most of them are agriculturists, tradesmen, and servants. Their earnings are very small. Although their food is cheap and simple, some of them can only afford a mixture called ‘’Dukkah’’ that they eat with bread. The only luxury they enjoy is cheap tobacco.
Women of the lower order seldom pass a life of inactivity. Some of them are condemned to great drudgery than men. It is obvious that Lane sympathizes with those women. He highlights their misery by saying that they are in a state of much greater subjection to their husbands than in the case among superior classes. The comparison he makes between women of lower and higher orders is fully understood after reading the preceding chapters. Their husbands oppress both types of women even though they support them financially. Poor women do not eat with their husbands. They often walk behind them and carry anything ...view middle of the document...

They would try to justify their wants using irrational excuses.
Another important point that Lane discusses is the distinction of tribes that is still preserved by the inhabitants of the villages throughout Egypt. The older tribes consider themselves superior to the others. If one of the inferior tribes kills a person, they would kill two, three, or even four in blood-revenge. Often a war breaks forth between the two tribes. It is occasionally renewed during a long period of years. Although Lane says that the Qur’an allows the avenging of blood, he points out that Prophet Muhammad was against this war of blood. He even mentions that Prophet Muhammad says,’’ If two Muslims contend with their sword, the slayer and the slain will be in the fire of Hell’’. The mentioning of such a religious quote makes it clear that Lane must have studied Islam well before he wrote this book. This also makes his words creditable in In Islamic countries.
In Chapter 8, Lane mentions that many of the Egyptians common usages are founded upon their religion. This is a double-edged weapon because some cultures use religion as a justification for their cruel and immoral traditions. Lane also differentiates between ‘’Fard’’ and ‘’Sunna’’ and he explains the meaning of each in connection to salutation. He introduces the reader to many types of salutations, its rules, and the exceptions of these chief rules. For example, ‘’Tymeeneh’’, which is a respectful act of saluting someone. It is always performed to a person of superior rank.
The huge sum of information that Edward Lane has about Islamic rules, Egyptians’ hospitality, and their traditions of exchanging gifts is not common. Most of the writers would not bother to understand the country they are writing about that much. Even if they do, they would certainly pass judgments and compare others’ countries to theirs. Lane even mentions some of the good characteristics of the Egyptians. He notices that they are fond of joking, lively, and dramatic in their talk.
The book shows that Lane is a respectful character, who understands the duties of writers and carries the burden of his responsibilities perfectly. He gives younger generations a truthful text, which they may fully trust.

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