Analysis Of A Boxing Article

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Analysis of a Boxing Article

The headline does what headlines do. It grabs the readers attention,
and suggest what we expect to find when we read on. “NO ONE IS FORECED
TO FIGHT” is a sharp phrase that goes straight to the point. The bias
of the editorial is clear from the headline, and we expect to read
something in favor of the boxers right to box, especially since they
are not “FORCED”. As expected it is told with all the letters in
capital. In fact, the headline rolls of the tongue easily, and this is
mainly because of the alliteration of “FORCED TO FIGHT”, and the soft
vowel sounds of the letter ‘O’. Also the rhythm of the headline is
snappy, because all the words are single syllable words, again
something that is common in headlines.

The content is written in a very clear and simple from, this technique
gives off an effect making the reader want to read on and find out
what the editorial is about. Immediately the text started with “Ban
Boxing! It’s too dangerous” this is exaggerated. Facts about other
dangerous sports are also mentioned, this is to backup boxing. E.g.
“how many jockeys are seriously injured falling off horses?” and “how
many rugby players are paralyzed with broken necks?” Rhetorical are
also used near the end of the content. E.g. “But there was no clamour
to ban motor racing after Ayrton Senna died” and “Why should boxing be
banned when all those other sports continue?” These questions give-off
a dramatic feel to the content and makes the reader reflect on what
has been said.

Most of the sentences of the editorial are short, sharp and simple.
The sentences aren’t very detailed but provide enough information.
E.g. “But we must not forget that no one forces them to box”, “They do
it for the money”. The majority of the words used are very simple;
most of them are single syllable or have only 2 syllables. Therefore
this tabloid is attracted to basic readers.

The bias of the tabloid is very obvious. Although it says many good
points that disagree with boxing e.g. “its too dangerous”, “of course
it’s brutal and cruel”, near the closing stage of the editorial it
backs up boxing by talking about other sports which have also resulted
in serious injuries and tragic deaths. E.g. “How many rugby players
are paralyzed with broken necks?” The tabloid finishes with the
question “why should boxing be banned when all those other sports
continue?” This question makes a big point, and makes the audience
agree that the boxing business should stay.

The daily stars headline ‘they knew the risks’ grabs attention
straight away, this is because of the big, bold lettering and the
simple sharp phrase. The bias of the editorial is clearly shown in the
headline, and we expect to read something in favour to boxers,
especially since the ‘knew’ the risks. The headline also...

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