Analysis Of A Business Problem

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Nature of the Problem:
The purpose of this paper is to briefly analyze why burrs and rough spots suddenly started to appear on quarter panel parts at an automotive company. Three out of four production lines at an automotive plant facility experienced defects of manufactured panel parts. Also, an analysis of how the panel problem is related to organizational sub-culture, organizational politics and job stress. Although there are several implications of various issues related to organizational culture, organizational politics and job stress is important because it determines how human capital within an organization will demonstrate the capacity to cope with working for the organization, thus determining the success of the organization. “To illustrate, studies have shown that job stress results from the interaction of the worker and the conditions of the workplace, i.e., the culture (Vigoda, 2002).” “Likewise, there are studies conducted that found organizational politics to have an adverse effect on psychological issues such as job stress (Ferris, Russ, & Fandt,1989).” Therefore, an organizations most valued asset is its employees.
Analysis and Evaluation:
In an effort to address the burred and rough spots found by Quality Control on several defective panels, upper management uncovered several poor managerial decisions and employee relations issues. In order to stay competitive within the automotive industry, the company must make some major decisions. A decision to support one of their line supervisors’ decisions of disciplining an employee could cause a potential strike. Although, a decision of not supporting their line supervisor could potentially avoid a strike and paint a positive image in the company.

In essence, management and employee relationships may improve and a more proactive approach of resolving the problem with the panels may be resolved as a collaborative approach. Collaborative approaches can be resolved by uncovering sub-cultures within the company. “According to Robbins & Judge (2008), subcultures tend to develop in large organizations to reflect common problems, situations, and experiences that members face. These subcultures are likely to be defined by department designations and geographical separation (Robbins & Judge, 2008, p. 575).” Power plays within subcultures can play an important role in organizations such as this one. The consequences can yield positive results or if used in conjunction with political tactics can yield negative results. In practice, power is a two-way relationship in which parties interact accordingly to the resources or values they hold or control. Conflicts arise when resources are scarce, and when there is pressure to achieve goals that may or may not be realistic. To compensate individuals often manipulate their power to compete unfairly for positions and serve their own needs at the expense of others. In this case, the plant management strongly suspect sabotage by its workers and...

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