Analysis Of A Child

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Analysis of a Child

This assignment describes and analyses my involvement with a
13-year-old client Joe Smith, who was temporarily supported under
section 25 (voluntary) of the Children's (Scotland) Act 1995 to be
Looked After and Accommodated by the Local Authority.

The process of intervention will be discussed from pre-engagement,
assessment and gathering of information to client interaction and
networking with other agencies. Using reflection, I will critically
analyse how I planned and responded to the needs and risks in regard
to Joe, and assess my role and the impact of my intervention. I shall
also discuss my learning outcomes and the process of supervision. The
theoretical knowledge gained and relevant legislation will be
considered to demonstrate how I applied these in my practice.

I acted in accordance with agency policies and procedures regarding
the client's rights and confidentiality, by asking the family's
permission to write about the case. I advised the family that the
names would be changed to ensure confidentiality and that access to
the assignment would be for course purposes only. (Social Worker
Records Groups 1989) I also advised the family that they had a right
to read my assignment in accordance with the Data Protection Act
(1998) and under section (2) of the Access to Personal Files (Social
Work) (Scotland) Regulations 1989 (Mays, 2001, p379) I felt it
important to inform and involve the family, as a form of empowerment
and to protect the agency and myself and to ensure good practice.
(Orme & Coulshed, 1998,p41)

Context of Placement

The Area Team is situated in the periphery of a large city, which
suffers disproportionately from social exclusion, poverty,
disadvantage and deprivation. (Townsend 1979 Golding 1986, Lister
1990, Oppenheim and Harker 1996 in Becker, date p23) Recent research
shows that one child in three now lives in poverty and that poverty is
disproportionately concentrated in certain types of areas such as
"disadvantaged council estates". (Scottish Executive Central Research
Unit, No 147) The problems faced in this community are unemployment,
disproportionately inadequate housing, and low educational attainment.
Frank Field (1989) argues that people such as the long-term unemployed
and lone parents are excluded from society in terms of "their income,
life changes and aspirations. (Oppenheim 1996:17) This placement is
located in such a council estate.

There are a high percentage of single parents, a very high crime rate,
of drug and alcohol dependency affecting many adults and children.
(Greater Easterhouse Development Company, 1996)

Many of the client(s) and the children in this area are caught in the
poverty trap, and on benefit. Indeed, according to research, 50% of
social work clients are on benefits. (Becker &...

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