Analysis Of A Concert: Classical Vs. Popular

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As I prepared to attend two extremely different musical concerts I was also prepared to be in an extremely different atmosphere and culture for both shows. I am from Pittsburgh and my mother actually works for the Pittsburgh Symphony Pops Orchestra so I was able to see a tribute to Gershwin on January 25th at Heinz Hall. My popular music concert was from a completely different spectrum of music. I went to New York City to see Incubus perform at the Hammerstein Ballroom. I would first like to examine the classical concert since it was the first one I attended.At this Gershwin tribute where Pittsburgh Pops Conductor Marvin Hamlisch exploited Gershwin's "An American in Paris" and "Rhapsody in Blue." The audience members at this classical show were probably there for many reasons. First, many of them are upper class people who enjoy getting dressed up in suits, dresses and Tiffany’s jewels for a night of drinks, pricey cuisine and Pittsburgh Symphony. Unquestionably, a number of people are fans of George Gershwin and were there to experience his works. In a social aspect, people who are “seen” at these types of events are put into a category of intellectual, culturally sound and upper class Americans. Perhaps audience members were not rich or intellectual but if they are seen at an event like this they can fit right in with appropriate attire and manners. Upon entry at Heinz Hall, it’s a red carpeted, gold-trimmed wall and people dressed in their Sunday’s finest crowd box office windows. People most likely had season tickets or purchased them online and picked them up at a will call. For the most part, everyone looked quite similar. If it weren’t for the beautiful Heinz Hall it seemed like a funeral because everyone was dressed up. A light buzz of voices hit the air where many people carried conversations about politics, world news, and Beethoven. Once we entered the Hall it became apparent that financial differences have arrived. The main floor was slanted but very long and it’s obvious that these are the priciest seats only left for the season ticket holders, corporate sponsors and symphony family members. Of course I was sitting on the main floor about 30 rows back. Which were great seats but I looked back and I saw the famed balcony. “Cheap seats”, the “gallery”, “nose bleed” all come to mind when you look up to the balcony. Not that it should or does matter in any way but the balcony is reserved for cheaper seats. School groups or church groups by the dozen were up there, and you could hear the chatter of little boys and girls.As I sat down in my khakis, white oxford shirt with a yellow striped tie and blue blazer I was reading the program that was given to me at the entrance. I figured I should read a little bit about the conductor and the rest of the symphony just to familiarize myself. The members of the symphony came out and they were preparing for their show. Tuning their...

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