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Analysis Of A Current Tv Comedy Show, Seinfeld.

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Analysis of a Current TV Comedy ShowSeinfeldIt is definitely Seinfeld's unmatched take on life's most mundane moments that makes it a tremendously successful comedy. Seinfeld is a TV comedy often ironically referred to as "the show about nothing," which actually details the lives of four single people living in New York City. It is the cleverly written plots, snappy dialogue and crafty, genuine characters that make Seinfeld distinct from other similar TV situation comedies.The first specific element that makes Seinfeld such a successful comedy is that of characterisation. The show's central character is Jerry (played by Jerry Seinfeld), a stand-up comedian who spends his time floating from gig to gig and whose personal life is filled with never-quite-right girlfriends. Most of the action takes place in the living room and kitchen of Jerry's Manhattan apartment. The aspects of Jerry's nature that make him a unique character on the show are his constant focus on the trivial things about every day life and his superficial attitude toward relationships. It is Seinfeld the actor who makes this character particularly funny. Jerry is overacted, with endless big gestures and forced expression. However, it is often these things that, instead of detracting from the character, make the character authentic. It could be argued that it is the shallow nature of the character that makes that overacting and forced expression necessary to make the character himself believable.Joining Jerry in the show is his childhood best friend, George Constanza, (Jason Alexander) who is a character easily deemed the stereotypical loser. The direct juxtaposition of Jerry's success and George's failure leads to the big laughs. George is exactly the kind of person the audience can relate to; even if they are not like him, they are sure to know someone like him. George finds it impossible to hold or keep jobs and romances, even though he spends all of his time cooking up schemes to achieve both. Examples of some of these schemes would be the times he tried to cheat on an IQ test and wore a wedding band in desperate (and unsuccessful) attempts to impress women. It is George's authenticity as the short, bald, unsuccessful character that makes him almost endearing to audiences.Jerry's neighbour Kramer, (played by Michael Richards) is most definitely one of American TV's most memorable characters. He is essentially quirky, over-the-top, inventive and in many cases, mysterious. Kramer is most memorable for the way he consistently steals the scene as he enters a room, though he has few lines and few plots are focused on his character. Kramer also has no visible means of financial support (except for Jerry's refrigerator) and a bizarre ability to latch onto opportunities he seems completely inappropriate for. Michael Richards' competent acting and comic skills make Kramer believable and genuinely wacky. In addition to this, it is the expert delivery of Kramer's few lines that contribute...

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