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ANALYSING MY FOOD JOURNALOver 5 Consecutive days, I completed a journal of my diet and recorded the total amount of kilojoules I consumed each day. The results were as follows:Day 1 - 8457.5kjDay 2 - 6722.5kjDay 3 - 5330kjDay 4 - 6642.5kjDay 5 - 7407.5kjIn establishing my total energy needs I had to consider my involuntary energy demands such as age, body weight, gender, and my metabolic rate and I had to determine the amount of energy I required to undertake voluntary physical activities throughout the day. The amount of energy I required for a particular activity depended on, the intensity of the activity; the time spent doing the activity and the type of activity.I did this by matching the description of each activity level that the class agreed on, with my daily activity level then multiplied this figure with my BMR to come up with my energy expenditure for the day. The results were as follows:Day 1 - 8311.68Day 2 - 7849.92Day 3 - 7849.92Day 4 - 7849.92Day 5 - 7849.92According to the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating, 12-18 year old adolescents require between 7200 and 13500 kilojoules each day. When comparing my results with this I found 3 out of 5 days I consumed lower than the recommended amount of kilojoules for the day. In terms of energy balance, 4 out of 5 days, my energy intake was only a minimum of 400 and a maximum of 2000, under my energy output and 1 out of 5 days, my intake was slightly higher than my output which gives me a reasonable balance between energy expenditure and energy intake, therefore neither weight gain or weight loss will occur.As a growing adolescent I think these results show I need a higher intake but they are reasonably right for my needs.My selection of food over the 5 days (shown on the previous page), consisted largely of 'choose sometimes' foods, and small amounts of 'milk, yoghurt, cheese', 'Lean meat, fish etc' and 'Breads, cereals etc'. When comparing this with the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating, my results are way off the recommendations, as almost half of my diet was foods that aren't even suggested for consumption.Although the results on my pie chart show these results, I am not entirely sure that they are accurate because I find it hard to believe that nearly half my diet consists of foods I should only eat sometimes.When checking my selections against the Dietary Guidelines for Children and Adolescents, I found that my eating patterns are in between agreeing and disagreeing with these...

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