Analysis Of A Help The Aged Letter

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Analysis of a Help the Aged Letter

In this essay I intend to thoroughly analyse all aspects of the first
page of the letter. I am going to work my way through the letter,
firstly commenting on the graphology, and then language, although in
some places these will obviously overlap.

In the top right hand corner, we see the logo. It shows a sun setting
and is a bright image. It is eye catching and uses connotations to
represent happiness, and the sun itself represents life. The logo is
saying that although the sun is setting and that the end may be near,
there is still happiness and brightness, and prosperity. The logo is
very basic and clear and I think this has been done to make it
instantly recognisable and distinguishable.

In the other corner, there is what is designed to look like a part of
a letter or note that has been torn out, with rough edges. Because it
looks like lined paper and the font is designed to make it look
handwritten, the reader gets the impression that it is a genuine part
of a letter that has been torn out. However my criticism of this is
that I believe they have selected the wrong font. The letter is
supposed to be from a 78-year-old woman, yet the font looks like a
younger persons handwriting and also the font looks somewhat cheerful.
I feel something like Lucida Calligraphy would have been a more
appropriate font, although it perhaps looks a little overdone, it is
nearer to an elderly woman's handwriting.

Use of the word "loneliest" in the torn out letter clip is good
because it is a superlative emphatic adjective and emphasises the
degree of loneliness and adds to emotional impact to the reader. The
style of the clip that has been torn out is both conversational and
personal, with the use of phrases such as "really hard" and "for me".
I think it has been put at the top of the page to draw the reader to
the top, so that they start there and work their way down the page.
The torn out clip has been put there to make the reader feel both
guilty and sorry for the person who wrote it. It makes the reader want
to read on to get the rest of the story and perhaps find out how they
can help.

Below the logo is the name of the charity- Help The Aged. This is
designed to be politically correct, with use of the word "aged"
instead of perhaps "old". It is an imperative in the fact that it is
like an order, Help the aged. Just below this are the address and
various contact details for the charity. This is done in a
conventional style and tells the reader this is a large reputable
charity and is well established, based in London. It also tells the
reader they are an up to date charity, with email, a website and fax.

The first line "Right now people like Maud are dreading Christmas.
Your £14 will mean they won't have to spend it alone" is like a

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