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IntroductionIn this paper I am going to speak about the hotel that I was working in and it is calledElamanis Hotel. I will give a historical background of Elamanis Hotel and Cyprusthe place in witch this hotel is allocated. Afterwards I will give a description of thefacilities that the hotel has and offers to its clients, furthermore I will state what wasmy role in this business.HistoryCyprus is a very small country, it is an island in the southeastern Mediterranean seawith 250,000 population. Cyprus major earnings mainly come from tourism and thishas mainly to do with its geographical position, its good climate conditions, thephysical beauty, and the hospitality of the local population. All this factors makeCyprus one of the most famous and most popular places to visit in the whole world.Before the Turkish invasion in 1974 Famagusta in North Cyprus was the mostbeautiful place in Cyprus but now it is under Turkish occupation and all of its Hotelsare destroyed or not operating. Even though north Cyprus is in Turkish hands Cyprusstill has many other places that worth for someone to see and visit like Limasol,Protaras, Pafos, and of course the famous and cosmopolitan Ayia Napa.Elamanis Hotel is in Protaras and it is owned by Mr. Chris Axentiou a very clever andfarsighted businessman. He comes from Larnaka but as Larnaka has not the potentialsfor further tourist and economical development he bought land in Protaras and builtElamanis Hotel. The hotel is not on the beach but you can reach Pernera beach bywalking within five minutes and this was and is very important for the progress anddevelopment of the hotel.Facilities & ServicesHotel Elamaris is situated in the center of Protaras near Pernera beach. It has 174Hotel apartments, 133 one bedrooms and 41 studios. All the apartments are equippedwith kitchenette facilities, cooker, fridge, air condition, satellite TV, telephone, hairdryer, private bathroom and shower. All the apartments are facing a big swimmingpool. The highlight of the hotel is fantastic. The tourists can be full of satisfaction asthey wake up in the morning and see the blue Mediterranean sea in front of them. Theapartments are very comfortable for families as they can make their own breakfast intheir apartments especially if they have small children.Its traditional "Crown Restaurant" caters traditional Cyprus dishes served in a verynice atmosphere having the panoramic view of the swimming pool. There are a lacarte menus where the guest can choose the dish that they prefer most or there are setmenus with starter, main course, and desert. This menu is different every day and thiscan be used from the half board guest, these are the guest that have already bookedtheir holidays with breakfast and dinner included in the price.Every morning a big buffet is served in the "French Restaurant". When someonepasses from this buffet is impossible for him not to go in and try the tradition breadwhich is made fresh from the hotel's trained...

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