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Analysis Of A Leaflet

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Analysis of a Leaflet

o All of the information on the leaflet has been designed in such a
manner so that it is easy to read and retains the readers’ attention.
The information has been well-spaced, condensed into a few lines so
that there is not an over-indulgence in unnecessary details and bullet
points have been used to condense the information and present it
readable chunks, so that the target audience remains interested and
are not forced to read a heavy text.

o Direct language is featured in the leaflet (e.g. “You” and “Are you
Magistrate Material?) to address the reader and engage their
attention. Rhetorical questions have also been used for the same
purpose. Rhetorical questions introduce each individual section and
keep the readers attention focused on the question that is relevant in
the specific section.

o The language used is plain and simple to appeal to the wide target
audience and if the information became over-technical it would lose
the readers attention.

o The leaflet has been folded to an A5 size- there is therefore not
too much information displayed on the leaflet and it is also
convenient to be displayed in magistrates courts and can even be sent
by direct mail to those who request information on becoming a

o The leaflet has also not been created with a conventional fold at
the side but with a fold in the middle. As the leaflet is
unconventional or unusual it will make the leaflet stand out against
others, if it is displayed in a stand and thus more likely to attract
the target audiences’ attention.

o Modern crisp fonts have been used in the main body of the text so
that the leaflet is both clear and easy to read. Although a different
more ‘arty’ and bolder style of font with a different colour and font
size has been used for the subheadings so that the section is more
eye-catching’ and stands out more effectively.

o It was imperative that the colour scheme of the leaflet appealed to
both sexes and the large range of ages that our target audience
covers. The background of the leaflet is a green, which, is a vibrant
colour designed to attract the readers attention to the leaflet when
it is on the stands, it is also reasonably neutral and does not appeal
to one sex more than the other. The subheadings and headings have a
blue font in order to contrast with the green font and add to the
striking effect.

o The white outline, on which, the text is placed on makes the black
of the main body of the text stand out.

o Quotes from magistrates have also been used in the middle and back
sections of the leaflet. This is effective as it adds a personal
touch, thus, is more appealing to the reader. The target audience is
also appealed to as many of the people who are featured in the
quotations are from ethnic minorities.


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