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Analysis Of A Midsummer Night's Dream By William Shakespeare

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Analysis of A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare

A Midsummer Nights Dream is a play by William Shakespeare, and I
believe is mainly summed up by this line from the play

‘The course of true love never did run smooth’

This is basically saying that being in love comes with many obstacles
and dilemmas.

In the play there is a dilemma at the beginning, this is where Egeus
is going to visit Theseus, the ruler of Athens, with concern for his
daughter and whom she wishes to marry.

‘Full of vexation I come with complaint of my child, my daughter
Hermia’ (Act one, scene one line 21)

This is because Hermia loves and wants to wed Lysander but her father
Egeus, wishes for her to wed Demetrius, and because Hermia will not
obey her father he has gone to Theseus for back-up. This is an
obstacle because Hermia and Demetrius are not allowed to wed and
therefore cannot be together unless they elope.

Theseus bans them from being married as he follows Egeus’ wishes

‘To you your father should be a god, (Act one, line 47)

Hermia believes though, that Demetrius doesn’t infact love her and
only wants her fathers money ‘Where the world mine Demetrius being
bated’ (Act one, line )

This quote suggests that Demetrius who not long since loved Helena has
suddenly began to fight for Hermia and is showing interest when he
didn’t before.

‘O teach me how you look and with what art you sway the motions of
Demetrius’ heart’. (Act one, line ) Because Helena who is madly in
love with Demetrius is rather upset and angry that Hermia has ‘stolen’
Demetrius and does not see he only wants materialist things from
Helena not love. As Helena wants Demetrius back she asks Hermia how
she can be like her and in what way she makes Demetrius want her, so
she can gain his love back.

This is ironic as Hermia does not love or want Demetrius. Hermia shows
this by exclaiming ‘I give him curses yet he gives me love’ (Act one,
line 196)

and ‘The more I hath him the more he follows me’ (Act one, line 198)

Helena’s reply is even more ironic as she moans to Hermia ‘The more I
love, the more he hath me’ (Act one, line 199) but then there is a

This reversal is because in act two scene one puck a fairy is ordered
by the fairy king Oberon who is watching all the drama unfold, to put
a magic potion on the eyes of both Lysander and Demetrius. ‘The juice
of it on sleeping eyelids laid will make or man or woman madly dote
upon the next live creature that it sees.’ (act two line170)

This is so when both men awake they will both awake to a woman each
and fall for the one they see. But all does not run smoothly as both
men awake to see Helena.

This creates a role reversal as now both men have fallen for Helena
and not Hermia no longer (Helena /Hermia swapped).


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