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Analysis Of A Mother´S Education And Its Effect On The Infant Or Child

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The first article was about a study that analyzed how mother’s education can influence infant and child mortality in Uganda. The results showed that 92% of neonatal mortality is for children born to mothers with no education, 5% for children born to mothers with primary education, 2% for children born to mothers with secondary education and only 0.6% for children born to mothers with post-secondary education. The article also indicated that mother’s education and post neonatal deaths are negatively correlated. Based on those results, we can infer how important is for the government to put greater efforts on girl education and also adult mother education in order to reduce the child mortality. So, government program of free primary and secondary education, as indicated by this article, would go a long way in solving the child mortality problem. Other factors significantly influencing child mortality include: birth age cohorts (age at first birth), multiple birth, sex of the child, location differences, family planning, religion, participation of the mother in the labour force and birth weight among others. It is noteworthy that father’s education is not significant in all our regressions.
Although is a very good research, it doesn’t consider that other variables may be influencing the results. For example, it’s very common that a very poor family also have a low level of education, however they didn’t consider that the high neonatal mortality could be more due the lack of resources than to low education. It would be good analyze how poverty and education can affect child mortality separately.
The second study focused on infant and child mortality in rural areas of India. It showed that lower child mortality is associated to higher schooling expenditures, higher female immunization rates, and lower poverty levels. The results indicated that child mortality can be reduced by improving educational attainments of women, and also reducing indoor air pollution, and providing safe water. The presence of a doctor in the village had a significant positive effect on child mortality survival.
It’s another study that show the importance of education, but brings also the importance of other factors such as water and pollution when it comes...

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