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Analysis Of A Personal Significant Life Stress.

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Analysis of a Personal Significant Life StressI attended Oregon State University my freshman year of college. During the second week, I was sexually assaulted by three African-American men and stalked at my residence hall following the assault. I knew one man out of the three who I had talked to the day before the event, but the other two were supposedly his brother and cousin. The police believe that the act was done for a gang initiation because the police department was already familiar with the main character for past assaults and drug trafficking. I did not press charges, yet I did report the event and provided names for the police to put in their file for those years sexual assaults at OSU. Around 2 month later, the leader of the group called. I answered not thinking to check the caller ID because they hadn't bothered me for quite sometime, I was in complete shock. I gathered my thoughts and told this man everything I knew and how he better stay away from me or he will be going to jail. I have never heard from him since this phone call.The geography of the stressful even that had taken place best relates to a burden that I was feeling in regards to my personal beliefs and values. I was planning on not being sexually active until I was married. These men have taken this away from me and it is something that I can never get back. I was known as the gullible girl who always looked for the best in a person and tried her hardest to please others; despite my own feelings.I believe my stresses nature would be best described as a cumulative stress. When I finally accepted the event's occurrence, a secondary appraisal of the event was made by me because there was a lot of evaluation taking place within my process of acknowledgement to receive my personal coping resources that would lead me to a healthier state of mind.The assault caused an underlying stress within me that I was not seeing go away, despite how busy I was keeping myself. I believe my personal event is relevant to theClassified stress type known as a chronic stressor. The domestic act performed was no longer than one week consistently and an occasional reminder every once in awhile. Despite the duration of the even the effects of that one-day have continued to haunt me for over two years. There is no readily apparent time limit where the event and effects memory.When the assault first occurred, I was in complete denial. I did not go to the hospital but continued with life as though nothing had happened. A couple of days later I told my two closest friends down at school. Once I shared the trauma, I felt like I had been released from my bondages. At this time I began to breakdown but only within myself, not allowing anyone else to know the pain I was feeling. I had lost respect for myself. I had mentally and physically blocked out all that I had ever set as morally correct or even acknowledge the values that were instilled in me since I was very young. I had suicidal thoughts-most...

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