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Analysis Of A Personally Chosen Website Uh Sugarland English Analysis

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Shapley 1
Breanna Shapley
Professor Woleslagle
English 1301
September 25, 2017
Website Evaluation on the Ifred Organization
With the stress of life's responsibilities, it is not unusual to feel down every so often. Moreover, these saddened moods do not usually affect the day-to-day activity or persist, but according to the International Foundation for Research and Education on Depression, "One in five people will suffer from depression during their lifetime" (Types of Depression, par.1). has a mission to shine a positive light on depression and its negative stigma as well as connect with individuals and organizations to achieve greater awareness. This website has provided an eye-catching design, organized structure, and informative content to effectively convey its message to the audience.
Visiting Ifred is instantaneously pleasing to the eye. You know this because the website uses the vibrant color yellow to portray the positive "light" they plan to shine down on depression. Furthermore, the site is branded with a sunflower the "international symbol of hope for depression" (Mission, par. 2). Besides the sites intriguing color, the first thing that appears when opening the site is a powerful photo and caption stating, "Our founder addresses the UN; Watch our founder share her compelling story at the United Nations" (International Foundation..,p. 1). This statement exemplifies the significance of their organization and establishes some credibility. Along the right margin of the site, they have three bright purple icons that grab your attention with bolded white letters. Each figure contains options such as, "Get Help," "Join a Community" as well as "Get Involved." Likewise, this illustrates to the readers that they want you to stay intrigued and understand that any moment you can get involved.
Ifred has a wide variety of easily navigable tabs to help you get involved as well as informed. The International Foundation for Research and Education on Depression Organization has set up their site with four main tabs located right of the logo. Each tab contains a heading and as many as six little tabs underneath it. There are informative tabs about understanding...

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