Analysis Of A Photo Taken The Charlottesville Rally Auburn University Visual Analysis

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Clay Early
Dr. Dawson
English Composition I
The Political Climate of the Country
Back in August of this year a massive protest erupted in Charlottesville, Virginia that sparked many conversations about race, white nationalism, and the divisive state of America. Through the skirmishes between the protesters and the counter protesters many powerful and insightful photos came arose in the aftermath to expose the type of climate that was in the air. The one that I took interest in the most was one of a white protester waving the Confederate flag clashing with a black protester who is wielding a makeshift flamethrower aimed at the white man. The black protester is not only dealing with just one white nationalist but a whole line of them that backs out of the frame. He is holding the white nationalist from walking down the stairs. This photo to me has multiple purposes within it. On is that our country still has a long way to go in terms of race relations and that white nationalist/neonazis are still a prevalent force in today's society. Another purpose in showing this photo is that hatred and violence will never get you anywhere or anything. The white nationalists come out of this situation looking even worse than they already do by creating this atmosphere of violence that ends up suffocating the city. The photo is a critical yet accurate portrayal of just how divisive our politics have become in the United States. There seems to a withering middle ground with issues increasingly being made into black or white sides and this sort of with us or against us mentality.
This photo features two subjects, the white nationalist and the black man, as its focal point. The viewers eyes are immediately drawn to the DIY flamethrower being sprayed in the direction of the white nationalists. The white nationalist is holding a confederate flag that has been wrapped up and being used as a literal weapon thus symbolizing the institutional racism that has been oppressing the African American community since this countries inception. There is a visible mutual hatred emanating not only from there physical weaponry, but also their body language and demeanor towards one another. Both the protesters and the counter protesters have some sort of protection whether that be sunglasses, goggles, helmets, or a facemask. This gives off the look of going into a battle of some sort, which only...

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