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Analysis Of "A Place At The Table"

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“A Place at the Table” is a documentary about the millions of Americans that are on the food stamp program. This group of people has been growing at a depressing rate for the last few decades. The film begins with exterior shots of various big cities in the U.S, before coming to a smaller one, Collbran, Colorado, rural town comprised of humble, needy people who are struggling to find the next meal. We see a church leader recall how when he began giving out warm meals to the public, where anyone can come and get a free meal, on Wednesday night, and an astounding 120 people showed up. It was a sign that a large number of people in Collbran were hungry and needing help. Coming from a community ...view middle of the document...

Fruits and Vegetables, again, are very difficult to get in many towns, so the food that is on shelf at gas stations consist most of chips, Cheetos, cupcakes, and hot dogs and sausage that spend most of the day on a heated tray are usually all there is to eat. It's, too, well known that people getting government aid and food stamps cannot afford to spend much of their money on "luxury items" like fruit and vegetables, because it needs to get them through the month. The government has long subsidized soybean, grain, and wheat products, and has failed to fund fruit and nourishing food with the same political commodities, we're told. "For years, we've been subsidizing the wrong foods," says Marion Nestle, a food professor.

Just recently, I was speaking to a friend and said that I thought that if we lived in an ideal world, wouldn't basic necessities such as clothing, food and housing, in their most basic sense, of course, be free to the general populous? Wouldn't stuff like fruit, milk, and vegetables be available on a no-cost basis to the consumer....

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