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Analysis Of A Research Project On Dementia Patients Being Cared For By Adult Daughters

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The research questions were essential to guiding the explorative study. They are directly stated and identifiable and reflect the information provided in the literature review.
Research Hypothesis
Due to the lack of information regarding the perspectives of women with dementia on the care they receive from their adult daughters, there is not sufficient data to formulate a hypothesis. The research was aimed more towards building a knowledge base and developing a theory than towards testing a hypothesis. The exclusion of a hypothesis is appropriate based on the exploratory nature of the study.
Research Study Design
The research design and tradition are not identified within the report. It is mentioned though, that the data analysis followed the guidelines of Lofland and Lofland’s (1995) publication of Analyzing social settings: A guide to qualitative observation and analysis. The recruiting and sampling process included posting flyers out in the community and contacting health professionals in contact with women with dementia and/or their families. After recruiting a sample group, participants were selected based on the criteria including consent from both parties, the ability to speak English, at least 2 hours of care per week provided by the daughter, a score of 17 or higher on the Standardizes Mini-Mental Status Examination (SMMSE) by the mother, and good verbal and comprehension skills.
If both the mother and daughter consented to participation than “an in-depth, focused interviewing approach,” was used to collect data (Ward-Griffin, Bol, & Oudshoom, 2006). Field notes were transcribed immediately after each interview, and memos and notes were used to keep track of the researcher’s thoughts. Team analysis was conducted in order to clarify concepts and themes and to interpret the data gathered (Ward-Griffin, Bol, & Oudshoom, 2006). To ensure credibility, transferability, dependability, and confirmability, the researchers looked to Guba and Lincolns (1989) criteria (Ward-Griffin, Bol, & Oudshoom, 2006).
Of the 20 mothers with dementia who participated in the larger study, only 10 were able to participate in the interviews. There were two interviews approximately 45 minutes long, which were conducted 6 to 9 months apart. In the report it is mentioned that multiple interviews are often necessary to ensure rich data is collected when dealing with persons with dementia (Ward-Griffin, Bol, & Oudshoom, 2006). Two interviews may not have been sufficient in collecting the data needed to generalize the results and therefore more interview should have been conducted in order to ensure the most reliable...

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