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Have you ever wondered what the consequences would be if you were to begin or continue to smoke? In this ad by the Ugly Truth, it shows you exactly what could happen. The ad portrays a young woman holding a cigarette with smoke that is covering half of her face. On the left half of her face, she looks young and has clear skin, while on the right half, cigarette smoke covers her wrinkly, and old appearance. Above the woman, there is a sentence “Your beauty. Up in smoke,” while a text box at the bottom reads, “Tobacco will destroy your face cell by cell, from the inside out. That is the ugly truth.” The target audience intended is young women because the ad uses the word beauty and men aren’t regularly referred to as in that way and only a female actor. The ad wants to depict the results of smoking cigarettes. The argument presented is that the end result of smoking eventually leads to your beauty disappearing, ironically, from your own cigarette. The Ugly Truth believes this will cause the smoker more harm than good. This ad effectively delivers its message by giving the viewer a visual example and an explanation of the consequences of smoking.
What the ad is arguing is that smoking will destroy your face cells and in turn prevent you from looking like what you want to, young, fresh etc. They use a model/actor who is young to picture what you would look like if you don’t smoke and an older woman or someone who has already received the consequences of smoking if you do smoke. The color scheme of the image indicates how the message of the ad is depressing and dreary. When thinking of the word “damaging” you may think of darker colors and this is what the ad is trying to emphasize and get that point across. How they portray the smoke covering half of her face is done well because only the features inside the smoke itself have aged and not the whole half of the face. This reinforces their statement that smoking alone can diminish your beauty.
Looking at the ad it uses a dark background to focus your attention on the face, which in turn gives off a serious tone to the message wanting to be delivered. They didn’t use bright colors because the message isn’t a delightful or happy one. To...

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