Analysis Of A Television Advertisement Aimed At Raising Awareness On The Issue Of Road Safety

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Analysis of a Television Advertisement Aimed at Raising Awareness on the Issue of Road Safety

In order to analyse the advertisement, it is necessary to look at the
different techniques used throughout. The advertisement has been
created in order to promote road safety, and is from a series of
advertisements called ‘THINK!’ The specific advert I am to analyse is
called ‘Backwards’, and deals with the decision of whether or not to
wear seatbelts whilst travelling in a car. Different techniques used
in the advertisement are employed in order to increase effectiveness,
these are as follows; the meaning behind the visuals of the
advertisement, the target audience and how it raises the audiences’
awareness using a variety of different techniques. The first aspect of
the advertisement that is used to strike the audience is the message
behind it.

‘Backwards’ is an advertisement, whose aim is geared towards
impressing the importance of wearing a seatbelt whilst in a car to the
audience. The advertisement attempts to get this message across,
through use of an extremely disturbing image from the very start. The
image is of three young men in a car crash, when they have not put on
their seatbelts. The clip is then re-run with the three men wearing
their seatbelts to illustrate the message of the piece, but also, to
really impress upon the viewers the difference this can make.

The advertisement is meant to raise awareness on just how important
wearing a seatbelt, both in the front and back of the vehicle is.
Moreover, it is set in an urban area where people take short trips at
low speeds all of the time. Thus showing that even in the mundane,
everyday situations when we are prone to thinking “it will never
happen to me”; the worst and most unexpected things can happen. It is
very the ultimate goal of the advertisement that the meaning comes
across very clearly, and also that this message be a lasting one.

Wearing a seatbelt became the law in 1983, therefore the advert is not
only for to raise awareness and show that seatbelts save lives, but it
is also to demonstrate that you are breaking the law as well by not
wearing one.

Obviously being a road safety advertisement, the target audience of
the advertisement is any drivers and passengers that use cars either
on a regular basis or sporadically. An important factor to consider
when appealing to a certain audience is the time that the
advertisement is shown each day, how often that it is shown and the
language that is used throughout the advertisement. It is important
that the target can relate to the tone or features of the advert, if
they are to take anything away from it. This particular advertisement
was shown up to 25 times a day. It was also part of a series shown on
television intermittently throughout the year. This means that...

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