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Analysis Of A Test Object

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Paper 2: Analysis of a Test Object
Cloverfield is about the struggle of a group of New Yorker friends trying to survive the destruction of a large monster destroying the city. This monster is unknown to the people and very rarely even seen through the lenses of the camera, shot from the hands of Hud, one of the New Yorkers. This movie is about the illusion of safety; protection and freedom, and the moment it is shattered, resulting in panic and intrigue. Panic and intrigue is the result of dread and uncertainty. These emotions will eventually turn into a calm state of mind when people resign to their fate.
The party goers at the beginning of the movie scatter the streets upon evacuation of the apartment. A fiery ball of metal comes crashing down the street nearly ending their lives as it comes to a stop outside the building. Too much surprise this pile of debris turns out to be the statue of liberty’s head. It has been completely severed from the all mighty symbolic body of life and liberty. There are scratches and what appears to be bite marks covering the entire structure. People are already in a state of panic after the explosion because their safety is at risk. The city is under attack by an unknown creature and it is all man for themselves to get out alive.
The statue of liberty is an ultimate symbol of American life within this nation. From the moment it first stood tall above the city; citizens felt a sense of protection. They were a part of a great nation in which protected their rights and gave forth opportunity. When the head was severed the statue was transformed from a comfortable reminder of protection within the United States to simply a ball of scolding destruction. This illusion of safety has now been shattered, further adding to the panic and fear of the innocent people.
However, aside from fear these people have been intrigued much like many other humans react to unknown danger. There is that natural need for humans to know everything about everything. When some sort of unknown danger presents itself there is no doubt that there is fear, but also intrigue. This is the emotional fuel that prevents people form immediately turning and running away, but instead to explore their second nature interest and get to the bottom of the situation. The bystanders to the fallen statue’s head do not continue to run, but instead take out there smart phones or cameras to quickly snap pictures to fulfill their intrigued desire to know what is going on and to document everything on the way. Until there is an answer to the destruction the ones in danger will not stop until it is found.
In “On Truth and Lies in a Nonmoral Sense,” Nietzsche believes everything is unknown. “Truths are illusions which we have forgotten are illusions…” (Nietzsche 365). This must mean that not everything is what it seems to be. He would believe that the people’s false sense of security was indeed an illusion and the statue of liberty being dismembered was a...

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